Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A Vehicle in Trade!

It's not every day that I receive a card package with a car in it, but that's exactly what I found when I opened a recent trade package from Tony of Off Hiatus Baseball Cards!

I opened the bubble mailer and out rolled this sweet Red Sox Humvee.  I mean literally rolled out, and crashed onto the hardwood floor.  This is a safe ride for sure, as it suffered no damage whatsoever.  I can safely say I've never seen anything like this before!  It's made by Fleer, and actually has a tiny Fleer license plate on the back, that's about all I know.  Anyone have any more information about these?

Also in the envelope was one of these Topps 3-D Baseball Stars packs.  I call it a pack, but really it contains just one embossed photograph.  I had a feeling I knew who would be inside my pack, and I was right...

HOFer Jim Rice!  This is an interesting over-sized item.  I had to resist the urge to drive all over the contoured face of the card with the Red Sox car.  Baseball cards are viewed as childish enough by some, if I start playing with matchbox cars I'm really gonna have some problems.

Of course, Tony included plenty of standard Red Sox cards as well.  You wouldn't guess it from looking at the stack, but this 2008 A & G Tim Wakefield was a definite highlight for me.  It's one of those simple commons that for whatever reason I can never seem to find.  I'd been staring at it on my want list for what seems like forever, so nice to cross it off.

Tony also did some serious damage to my 2013 Topps Red Sox team set.

Sad to see Shane go today, along with a few of Boston's top prospects.  Not sure if it was the right decision or not...*

Remember this guy?  He sat out all last year for Detroit due to injury, and is batting a rough .098 in Spring Training so far.

Can't believe I didn't have this card.  But, I didn't...

This handful, plus a couple that I didn't show, actually knocked out everything I was missing, team set complete!

Here's an awesome odd-ball, my first 1991 Kellogg's card!

Hey this one will look nice paired with the autograph version I picked up a while back.

I've probably stated this before, but I think 1990 Leaf is a great looking set.  I remember when this stuff went for a few bucks a pack, and the Frank Thomas booked at $80 alone.  My how times have changed.

Most people view 1990 Bowman as junk, but I'm still a few cards short of a team set so these were much appreciated.

Another one for the "how did I not already have this?" file.  I have enough 1990 Topps around to literally wallpaper my card room/office, but somehow was missing this Glossy All-Star Wade Boggs insert.  Not anymore thanks to Tony!

Alright here is where Tony really blew me away.  As a confessed parallel junkie, I loved these Emerald parallels from 2013 Topps.  So much so that I completed the entire Series 1 set.  As can sometimes happen with me, I got distracted by the time Series 2 came out and was on to other things.

Well Tony gave me a nice boost with a solid half a dozen Series 2 Emerald cards!

I've got just 7 of these left to track down now, out of a total 24 in the set.  Then it's onto the Update series.  Last but not least, probably the single coolest and most thoughtful item Tony sent my way, voila!

Sweet!  That is a solid Wade Boggs autograph.  I actually just featured a Boggs auto only this past Sunday.  This one features him the way I remember him most fondly, in a Red Sox uniform.

Tony, thank you for the awesome package of Red Sox cards, and for my first Red Sox matchbox car!  I'm looking forward to enjoying more great content, Brewers and otherwise, at Off Hiatus Baseball Cards!

* - April Fools'!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Rocket Rookie in the Mail!

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a reader named Jeff. I don't believe Jeff operates a blog or anything that I can link to here, but he had a whole bunch of Red Sox cards that were looking for a new home that he wanted to send over.  I dug up some Upper Deck Young Guns and Canvas cards that he had an interest in, and a trade was born.

Probably the most significant card in the lot was this 1985 Topps Roger Clemens RC!  I can't believe it took me so long to finally end up with one of these, and I truly appreciate Jeff's generosity in sending it to me.

Receiving this card alone in a PWE would have been significant, but Jeff (like so many people in this hobby) was so generous that he sent me all of the Red Sox he had that I needed just because...

This is how the package looked when it arrived on my doorstep, an 800-count box of goods!

As you can see, it was mostly stuffed full as well.  This has to be one the single largest lots of cards I've ever received in a trade.  Over the past couple of weeks I came to the realization that if I tried to follow my standard procedure of scanning, cropping, inventorying and posting each and every card I'd be at it for weeks or months.  Given the number of trade/thank you posts that I've had piling up to get to, I decided to scan in just a few highlights for now...

To go along with the legit Clemens rookie, I also received this 50th Anniversary reprint.

I doubt Jeff would have guessed this, but one of my absolute favorite cards in the box was this 2009 Topps 206 mini of The Great Bambino.

Inside the box I was pleased to find a pair of 1994 Upper Deck Electric Diamond parallels.

These came at one-per-pack, and are the perfect cards for a parallel junkie like me to get in a package.

I'm only showing one of them here, but Jeff did some major damage (to the tune of 30-40 cards) to my 2001 Fleer Red Sox 100th Anniversary set.  With these in hand I'm definitely making it a goal to finish off this set in 2015.

Back to parallels, how about some of the oldest parallels I know of, early '90s Topps Gold!

I really dig the 2005 Bowman Heritage set, which draws its inspiration from the '51 Bowman cards.

I'm just a couple of cards away from killing off this team set now.

Got my very first look at 2003 Topps Opening Day as well.

From 2004 Topps, a nice shot of Tim Wakefield delivering his knuckler...

...and something I miss dearly in most sets these days, manager cards!

Manny Ramirez and Derek Lowe represent my first 2001 Upper Deck Red Sox.  Standard Upper Deck fare, minimal design and excellent, full-bleed photographs.

Fleer did a nice job with the team cards in their 2000 Fleer Tradition set.  For the most part, this card looks like it could have come out of the '50s or '60s.

I will never get tired of picking up new cards that showcase Jose Canseco's brief stint with Boston in the mid-'90s!

This one was a definite highlight for me.  I don't run across 2001 Topps Heritage very often, and it seems like about 75% of the Red Sox on the checklist were short-printed as well (just like this one!).

I had quite a few 2005 Donruss Diamond Kings Sox before receiving this box, but this was the first I'd seen of these Framed Red parallels.  They are very similar to the framed parallels from Masterpieces and Gypsy Queen a few years ago now.

In closing (for now), a couple of Mahogany parallels from the aforementioned 2005 Bowman Heritage set.

Just awesome!  Jeff, thank you so much for the amazing amount of generosity you showed in shipping this many cards blindly to a stranger.  I hope my return package gave you even a fraction of the amount of joy that this one brought me.  I hope to post some more of the contents of this box once I get caught up on my other trade posts.

On that note, I owe an apology to Tony, Tim B. and a few others.  I hope to have all of my thank you posts published by the end of this week.  I hope nobody is offended at the amount of time it's taking me to given them proper thanks, I've just never been so busy on the trade front in all my years of operating the blog!
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