Thursday, July 31, 2008

Addition By Subtraction

As a Red Sox fan, I appreciate the contributions Manny Ramirez made, especially in the playoffs when it counted most, towards the two World Series that the Red Sox have won over the last 4 seasons. That being said, I was happy to see that he was dealt away at the trade deadline today.

In my opinion the Red Sox were extremely patient with Ramirez over his tenure here, dealing with a lack of hussle on the field and occasional outburts in exchange for Manny's stellar offensive production and two World Series championships. This year was different though...

Ramirez pushed a 62-year-old Red Sox staff member to the ground. He made public his opinion that Red Sox ownership was trying to "run him out of town". He faked an injury going into one of the most important series of the season against Boston's longtime rival from the Bronx. He publicly decried that the Red Sox, one of the most historic and successful franchises in American sports, didn't deserve a player like him. He threw punches at a teammate in the dugout during a game. It was clear that Ramirez was done here, and he would've been gone at the end of the season anyway.

Maybe the Pirates will find a way to take Craig Hansen's raw talent and turn him into an amazing closer. Maybe Brandon Moss will blossom into a great outfielder down in Pittsburgh, but I for one am glad to see this trade take place. Bay's numbers this season are very comparable to Manny's (.282/22HR/64RBI for Bay, .299/20HR/68RBI for Ramirez), he's younger, and he's locked up through the end of next year when Manny would've been gone after '08 anyway.

Thanks for the memories and the championships Manny. Welcome to Boston Jason Bay.

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