Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Original Cards - Post #2

It's been over a month since I stumbled upon some of my old cards, and so far I've resisted my urge to rip everything in the recently discovered bin open and sort it all. Yesterday, for the first time since I found the cards, I found myself with enough free time to explore a little more, so I plucked out this 400 count box. When I opened it up I found the entire box to be filled with 1982 Topps cards! I've always wanted to collect this set, maybe in part because it's from the year I was born so the cards are about as old as I am. Here are a few of my favorites from the box:

1975 was an amazing season for Fred Lynn. He became the first player ever to capture Rookie of the Year and MVP honors in the same season. 7 years later he was beginning to cool down. Fred came tantalizingly close to the .300 mark in 1982, hitting .299. It's too bad he didn't make it, because he'd never bat .300 again in his career.

Two things I really like about this card, the mustache and the awesome Brewers hat.

Tom Seaver apparently being interviewed.

Check out the microphone, very high tech. See those marks in Mike's hair right above his ear? You might think those are scuffs on the card, but strangely I found two of these in the box and each one had those exact same marks.

I always liked the old school in action cards.

Yeah, he's a Yankee, but this card is a classic in my opinion.


Ah, that's better.

After this find I've decided I'm going to try to build the set. I've got a binder and sheets ready, and will be updating my Available for Trade and Want Lists shortly.

1 comment:

Bruce said...

fingers has one of the best mustaches i've seen on any sports card. it's almost good enough to make me want to buy baseball cards.

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