Sunday, August 1, 2010

From the Dollar Box - 1965 Topps Russ Nixon

A few weeks ago I actually discovered a decent local hobby shop, which is something I've never had access to before. The highlight for me is definitely their dollar box, which is a gigantic monster box overflowing with cards from the 4 major sports, each in a brand new penny sleeve and top loader. I've been back to the shop two or three times since and have accumulated a few dollar cards in a small bag in my card closet. Every once in a while I plan to grab one from the stack to post.

1965 Topps Russ Nixon

I've really been focusing on picking up cards from the 60's, particularly Red Sox so this was an easy decision. 1965 Topps is easily in the mix for design of the decade, along with the 1960 and 1963 releases in my opinion. I picked up an Earl Wilson over a year ago, so it's about time I added another to the collection. Let's take a look at the back:

As you can see, Russ had been around for a few years by 1965, although I guess he can best be described as just an average player. Not the most interesting cartoon by any means either. Russ lasted 12 seasons in the majors, but was one of those guys who dedicated his life to the game even when his playing days were behind him, coaching and managing at almost every professional level. In fact, Nolan Ryan gave him a position within the Rangers organization in 2008 at age 73!

Russ was also the last person to manage the Braves before Bobby Cox took 1990! I can't believe just how long Bobby's been at it down there in Atlanta.

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