Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Red Sox eBay Winnings

I received two packages at work today, each containing an individual card recently won in an eBay auction. Both cards are very welcome in my Red Sox collection, and are so different I decided I had to show them off. Here's the first...
#234(B) - Boston Red Sox (Rudy Guiliani)
Yeah, I'm a little behind on picking this one up. What can I say...I just didn't buy a whole lot of 2008 Topps and definitely didn't care about desperately searching for this gimmick card. I ended up grabbing it for 99 cents, which I'm sure is more than I should've paid but at least I can cross it off of my Red Sox needs list...

1965 Topps #42 - Earl Wilson

This is the card that I was really excited to receive. The 1965 design is one of my favorites from the decade, and this Earl Wilson card is the definition of an awesome vintage card in my opinion. I really love the way the Red Sox pennant looks on these cards, and this one has me convinced that I should make this one of the first vintage team sets I should go for.
So there you have it, two new Red Sox cards created by Topps 43 years apart! Believe it or not, the 1965 card was cheaper than the 2008!

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Sal said...

Hey Shane,

I haven't heard from you in a while.

I hope everything with you is OK.

Talk to you later.


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