Monday, April 18, 2011

Pack Rip - 1991 Bowman Baseball

I'm not really sure why I even purchased this. I guess because I didn't have any 1991 Bowman and it was only 50 cents. That's a pretty weak reason.

14 cards plus 1 nasty 20-year-old stick of gum, which I didn't dare eat.

#5 - Rod Carew

Definitely my favorite card in the pack. The first 5 cards in the set are all Carew, a small subset commemorating his induction into the Hall-of-Fame in '91. Rod was elected his very first time on the ballot.

#477 - Frank Viola

#268 - Steve Buechele

#210 - Dave Winfield

1991 was Winfield's only full season with the Angels, and he turned in a pretty solid campaign, clubbing 28 home runs and 86 RBI.

#246? - Ken Griffey

From what I found online I believe this is an uncorrected error. Griffey Jr. is actually card 246 in the set, and his father is supposed to be card #255, although the back indicates number 246.

#227 - Jose Canseco

Look how ripped Jose is in this photo. How were we all so naive?

#415 - Joe Girardi

#351 - Alex Fernandez

#9 - Roberto Alomar

Alomar was the lone damaged card in the pack, as the left edge was ripped along the back of the card. I'm not ashamed to admit that I threw it in the garbage...

#499 - Dickie Thon

#497 - Chuck Malone

#247 - Jay Buhner

#588 - Deion Sanders

Prime time!

#450 - Rondell White

All in all these aren't bad looking cards, and I made out pretty well with this pack. Still, I find myself asking why I bothered with this one.

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