Sunday, January 29, 2012

Parkhurst Champions Wire Photos

I've got a day full of poker and floor hockey ahead of me, so there's not much time for a legitimate post. Instead, enjoy some scans of a few 2011-12 Parkhurst Champions wire photo cards, some of the better looking hockey cards released so far this year in my opinion.

Here's an awesome shot of Mike Bossy celebrating a Stanley Cup Final goal on the very same day that he'd hoist the Cup for the third straight year.

A helmetless, and very tiny looking, Johnny Bower. Love those pads.

Of the few of these cards that I have, this one is my favorite by a long shot. When it comes to capturing a moment on cardboard this is close to perfection. Two of the game's all-time greats celebrating as the referee signals the goal and the crowd goes wild. Even my favorite mac 'n' cheese maker gets some exposure.

I recently saw a very nice autographed (by both Park and Barber) version of this card on eBay, but it sold for much more than I'd ever be willing to pay for it.

Denis here will be making another appearance on the blog in the very near future...

These 8 are the only wire photo cards I have. I'm still looking for the other 22, if you have any you'd be interested in parting with let me know. I'll try to resume regular posting this week.

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