Saturday, August 4, 2012

Red Sox Collection - 1949 Bowman Johnny Pesky

After straying completely off-base with a random non-sport post a week or so ago, today I'll go with something that's a bit more in my collecting wheelhouse; my Red Sox collection.  I'm not sure what it is, time of year maybe, but I've been focusing quite a bit on Red Sox cards lately.  A month or so back I scored a card that instantly became one of my oldest and most prized Sox cards:

This 1949 Bowman Johnny Pesky is a great reminder to myself that this hobby is a journey, not a race.  I've wanted a copy of this card for a few years now.  It fits into my collection on a few different levels.  Besides being a new Red Sox card, it's also the fourth card in my very modest Johnny Pesky collection.  This is the oldest of the four Peskys I own, and it's likely the oldest I'll ever own (there's a '48 Leaf Pesky that's way outside my price range).  Add to that the fact that I'm a huge fan of vintage Bowman baseball cards and this one was a must have.  The thing is, this card just doesn't pop up very often, at least not in a condition I'm satisfied with for a price I'm willing to pay.

Finally, after a couple of years of waiting patiently I decided on this one, and for $35 shipped I'm more than satisfied with the condition.  This is the first '49 Bowman I've ever owned.  I have to say that I like the '50 and '52 sets a bit more, but adding a card that's now more than 60 years old to my collection is pretty cool nonetheless.

Here's a look at the back.  Not a lot of difference here between the '49 set and the later Bowman sets of the 1950s.

What's your oldest card of your favorite team, baseball, hockey or otherwise?


Greg Zakwin said...

I've got a '33 Goudey of a Dodger whose name escapes me, but I love my 1950 Bowman Roy Campanella more.

Greg Zakwin said...

and sweet Pesky pickup!

AdamE said...


Dave H said...

Very nice, I am a Devils fan so cards of my team only go back to 82 and I have all of those. If you go back further, I have both Rockies and Scout players from the 70's.

Personally I think sports cards were amazing during the 50's. Certainly when it comes to hockey.

Drop The Gloves! said...

I love the coloring on this card; nice pickup.

My oldest card is a 51-52 Parkhurst Milt Schmidt, which I love.

However, back in my earlier days, I had a T-206 Ty Cobb that I ended up getting graded and selling to help pay for college.

Anonymous said...

Very nice! Those Bowmans always look like a lot of fun. They're a bit like Parkhurst hockey.

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