Saturday, March 2, 2013

Sportscards from Canada (Possibly from the Dollar Store)

Recently I completed another trade with Douglas of Sports Cards from the Dollar Store.  It all started when I asked about a trio of cards that were posted as part of a 2013 Topps break.  Here were the three cards I was interested in...

I busted a decent amount of 2013 Topps retail, but was not fortunate enough to pull this Will Middlebrooks insert.

The one insert set that I'm going to try to build is the '72 Topps Mini set.  I'm sending two '72 minis back for this Ripken, but I think that's fair as Ripken tends to be one of the more expensive guys in the secondary market.

Finally, the card I was most excited about, a beautiful Ted Williams Cut to the Chase die-cut.  I think most collectors agree that these are a hit.  Fortunately I had pulled a double of one of these which worked out well for trading.

Being the all-around generous guy that he is, Douglas sent me a huge stack of Whalers cards as well, probably 100 or more.  It's starting to get to the point with my Whalers collection where I have a good deal of what's out there, so I don't usually hold out too much hope when somebody sends me a bulk lot.  Amazingly though, I plucked 30 cards that I needed out of this box!

A couple of '92-93 Topps...

...and one lone '92-93 O-Pee-Chee in the box, which I did not have.

Here's a guy who I'm in the market for an autographed card of.  Problem is, I don't think there's a certified auto of Randy with the Whalers in existence.  Panini?  Please?


There are still quite a few Whalers I need from the '93-94 Leaf set, even after these two...

Always appreciate a new Sean Burke.

I needed half a dozen '95-96 Collector's Choice Whalers that were included...

Finally, there was what must amount to nearly a full team set of cards that I knew didn't look familiar to me.  They're from the 1992-93 Score Canadian set, and I needed all 16 of them:

I like the Franchise subset cards from the 1991-92 Score set better than these.

This big chunk of Whalers cards now puts me at over 850 unique cards and counting in my Whalers collection, well on my way to my goal of 1,200 by the end of the year.  Thanks for another great trade Douglas!  I finally got your cards packaged up today, so keep an eye out at the mailbox..

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