Sunday, August 11, 2013

Signature Sundays - Another Hockey Trio

Sunday already, time for my weekly autograph post.  I'm still obsessed with these 2012-13 Panini Classics Signatures autos, so I'll go with another three of them today:

First up is Paul MacLean.  These days he's coaching the Ottawa Senators, and doing a fine job (he's your 2013 Jack Adams Award winner, after all).  Back in the '80s though, he was a reliable winger for the Winnipeg Jets (the original Winnipeg Jets), who scored hundreds of goals in the decade. 

If you take away his first "season" where he appeared in just a single game with St. Lous, and his final season where he appeared in only 37 games, you're left with a 9-year career.  In those 9 seasons he scored 30+ goals 8 times!  The one season he missed the mark was also the season he played in the fewest games of any of those 9 years (69 games in 1985-86), and he still came close at 27 goals.  Three times he hit the 40-goal mark.  That's a solid decade of consistency right there.  7 of those 9 years were spent with Winnipeg, so the team choice for this card is appropriate.

Next we've got Errol Thompson.  Errol played before my time as a fan, in fact I wasn't even born yet when he played his final NHL game.  He had some decent seasons in terms of offensive numbers with the Leafs in the '70s, although from what I can tell that may be in large part due to being on a line with Lanny McDonald and Darryl Sittler, both Hall-of-Famers.

Finally, here's Reggie Lemelin.  I always remember him from his time with the Bruins in the twilight of his career, but he played the majority of his NHL games with the Flames.  In fact, the even played with the team when they were in Atlanta in the late '70s, before the move to Calgary.  He doesn't have much of an autograph, but I do like the inclusion of his uniform number.

Three more autographs of NHL stars of the past, bringing my total from this set to 22 cards and counting...

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