Tuesday, November 5, 2013

That's Why I Don't Buy Blasters - Volume III - 80 Year Old Cardboard

Tonight let's take another look at what came about from $20 that I could have spent on a retail blaster like this one:

The first couple of these posts involved stand-up cards, one from 1964 and then a trio from 1934.  This time, we're going even further back with a piece of cardboard that is now 80 years old:

John Welch here is my second 1933 Goudey card, both of them Red Sox.  This one's graded a VG 3 by PSA.  Fine by me, I don't really care about the grade on pre-war cards like this, just want to know that it's authentic.  Here's a closer look at John:

Some rounded corners, but crease-free with good overall centering and visual appeal.  More than acceptable condition for me!  I couldn't find much information out there about Welch.  I did find one interesting, brief write-up, but what I can't seem to learn is how he met his untimely death in 1940 at just 33 years of age.  Does anyone know?

UPDATE:  According to this site, it looks like he died of illness (tuberculosis and meningitis)...

Here's a look at the back of the card.  To me these are some of the most interesting vintage Red Sox cards having been printed in Boston, which you can see towards the bottom.  There are only 8 Red Sox cards on the checklist, so with two in hand I'm a quarter of the way to a team set.  I'm definitely going to prioritize picking up the remaining six if I can find them at a good price like this.

1933 Goudey John Welch - $20
Shipping - $3
Total - $23


Dave H said...

Very cool card.

All I could find on Johnny Welch was that according to the Sarasota Herald-Tribune on Sept 4, 1940 he passed away. He had been ill for about 2 years.

Good luck with your search, I am curious too.

Play at the Plate said...

Sweet vintage. Nice choice over a Goudey blaster!

Fuji said...

I really need to add at least one 33 Goudey to my vintage binder. That design is awesome. Congratulations on your pickup and good luck with the rest of your Sox.

Brad's Blog said...

Sweet card! I just picked up my oldest card last week, a 1949 Bowman!

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