Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Cardboard Classics - That Lion King is Downwind

I pulled this card from a $1 hockey repack I picked up at the LCS recently.  It's from one of the most over-produced sets in the history of hockey cards, 1990-91 Pro Set.  I had a ton of these cards as a kid, and I know both my brothers and I had complete sets, yet I don't recall this one.  How is it possible that my immature childhood self didn't snicker at this beauty every time I thumbed through the binder.  Maybe I did, and I've just forgotten over the years.

Anyway, with a name like Ron Asselstine, it's fitting that the card's subject appears to be clutching the boards about to float an air biscuit towards those unsuspecting fans.  At least they've got plexiglass protecting them, but that gold and green lion is straight in the path of Ron's backdoor breeze.  Asselstine's facial expression seems to support my theory.  Is this the only appearance of a fart on cardboard?  Feel free to leave a comment if you've got a thought one way or the other (or just want an excuse to post an amusing synonym for fart).

I promise to be back with something more mature and substantive tomorrow, it's just been this kind of week...

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