Saturday, December 20, 2014

Quick Rip - 1995-96 Upper Deck Series 2 Hockey

When I picked up my box of 2014 Stadium Club baseball from DA Card World on Cyber Monday, I threw a couple of other heavily discounted boxes into the order as well.  One of those was 1995-96 Upper Deck Series 2 hockey:

I've always loved this set.  Busted a box of Series 1 a few years ago now, nice to finally get around to Series 2.  A dozen cards per pack, with one guaranteed Electric Ice parallel.  Here's the first pack out of my box...

Here's the Electric Ice parallel, you can see the foil right over Brett Hull's face at the right of the card.  The foil used for the player name and Upper Deck logo is also silver; on the base cards it's gold.

The photography is top notch, as we've all come to expect from Upper Deck over the years.

Love the reaction of the fan in this shot, and of course the Boston Market advertisement.

A great shot of Corey Hirsch's Alfred Hitchcock/Bates Motel mask.

The Star Rookie subset has a slightly different design, but the full-bleed photography is still the focus.

Oleg Mikulchik enjoyed a very brief NHL career.  I think this may be his only official hockey card.

Finishing off with an early-career Mike Peca.  Love that old Sabres sweater.

Nothing earth-shattering there, but I'm looking forward to the 35 packs still to come!


Brad Parsons said...

Good to see that you've begun collecting the Series 2 of that set; hopefully you can complete most of it through the box. Looking forward to more from this set.

shoeboxlegends said...

Thanks Brad! Just a couple of packs in so far, and it lacks some of the star power (as expected) of Series 1. Some of the subsets feel a bit like an effort just to stretch the checklist out, but the set is beautiful and I'm hoping this wax box will get me within striking distance of putting it to bed for good!

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