Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Another PWE from the Clubhouse!

Taking a quick break from the card show posts today while I do some more scanning, so why not get a little caught up on trade packages.  Early last week (or maybe it was the week before already?) I arrived home from work to find yet another PWE in my mailbox from my good buddy Mark Kaz at This Way to the Clubhouse!

As per our usual exchanges, Mark hooked me up with 9 fantastic new Red Sox cards.  This Jason Varitek was maybe my favorite card in the entire envelope.  It's actually my first card from 2004 Fleer Ultra, which is great as I'm trying to accumulate more Sox from their championship seasons.  What a great photograph as well.

I got my first exposure to this Pinnacle set only a few weeks ago when I got some in a trade package from Mark at Battlin' Bucs.  Well, Mark nailed it with this Jackie Bradley Jr, I'm down to needing just a couple of cards to complete this team set now.  With the crowded Red Sox outfield, and Mookie Betts playing as well as he has, one has to wonder what the future holds for Jackie...

This is my 30th unique Xander Bogaerts card so far!  Not too bad given that he only really started appearing in sets last year.  He's had a really solid start to the season as well, as has most of the team!

Mark has probably done more to satisfy my appetite for parallels than anyone else I trade with.  He seems to have a knack for tracking down all the colors of the Topps rainbow!

Here's one of the final few cards I needed for my 2008 Donruss Threads team set.  What a half-ass job of hiding the logo that they were not supposed to be showing in this unlicensed set.

This 2015 Heritage card was one I needed towards my Sox team set at the time.  Mark Hoyle gave me one in my stack at this past weekend's card show as well, so I've got an extra Nava now if anyone needs one...

Down to just Carl Crawford, David Ortiz and Josh Beckett now, and then I'll be able to call the 2011 Topps Opening Day team set finished!

File this one under "I can't believe I didn't have that card already".  I've always liked these Heritage Series inserts from '92 Studio, and it's possible I may have had a copy of this one when I was a kid.  If so it's been lost to the years, but now I've got a fresh copy thanks to Mark.  I would love for the Sox to wear these uniforms for just one home game each season.

We'll close it out with a very shiny Museum Collection parallel.  Man these look amazing, and they actually scan even better than they look in person most times.  This envelope pushed me over the 3,900 unique Red Sox cards threshold, 4,000 here I come!

Mark, thanks as always for taking time out of your busy schedule to send me your unwanted Red Sox.  As you know, I got your latest PWE in the mail only yesterday, so right now there are 9 Mets cards making their way down the East coast to Delaware!


Tim B. said...

That Boggs Heritage Series is awesome!

Mark Hoyle said...

Nice bunch of Bosox

Mark Kaz said...

Had never seen the "Heritage" Studio cards before. Found a Will Clark in the same dime box, which I was pretty excited about.

Glad you dig the cards!

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