Thursday, March 3, 2016

10 from COMC

As seems to always be the case these days, I'm behind on a few trade packages that I need to thank some generous folks for.  Since I haven't had the time this week to scan in any of those goods though, you're getting ten randomly selected cards from my favorite hobby site of all-time instead!

We'll start things off with a new Xander Bogaerts from last year's Allen & Ginter X product.  I don't keep up with the new stuff very well, but I think these were some type of online-only release.  In any event, I think the all-black cards look really slick.  I'd love to add some more of these over time, but for now I'm content having landed my favorite player on the current Red Sox roster.

I like to view my collection as somewhat of a historical record of the sports I follow.  For that reason, I'd been in the market for a nice 2015 Scherzer card to commemorate the fact that he threw an impressive two no-hitters last year. I settled on this Topps Chrome Pink Refractor.

I really, really, really liked the unique design that Topps went with for the 2014 Finest release.  With only three Red Sox players on the checklist I've been grabbing as many different parallels as I can find for cheap coin.  This Ortiz is the Green Refractor, in case that wasn't obvious, and is numbered to /199.

Almost any even halfway decent Mets card I have ends up getting sent out in trade since I know quite a few team collectors, but not this one!  43/100 now on these Framed Paper parallels from the inaugural Gypsy Queen set.  As I approach the halfway point it's looking more and more likely that I could actually finish these off someday...

As a rule, any acetate Red Sox card I don't already have that costs less than fifty cents goes immediately into my cart.

This post is pretty baseball-heavy, in fact this would be the lone hockey card of the ten I grabbed.  A nice O-Pee-Chee retro parallel of one of my favorite hockey players from my youth, the Russian Rocket Pavel Bure!

Always loved the Cognac parallels, and this is a pretty unique celebration photo.  At 37 cents I couldn't say no.

I don't like the 2015 Finest design nearly as much as I enjoyed 2014, but for a buck and a quarter a Pedroia card numbered to /150 seemed like a solid addition to my team collection.

Here's one that few probably appreciate, but I relish the opportunity to pick up any new cards featuring the now-defunct AA Norwich Navigators since I grew up just half an hour from the stadium and enjoyed many games there back in the day.

Final card for today...Grady Sizemore's time in Boston may have been brief (just 52 games), but he sure got one hell of a baseball card out of the deal!  This is the fourth different variation of it I've been able to land, joining the standard Refractor, Orange Refractor and Gold Refractor (#'d /50).  This Black Refractor version is out of /100.

Man I love COMC...


Adam Sanders said...

Yes, those black A&G cards were an online exclusive sold only through Topps. I like them better than the standard A&G cards from last year but still, not a big A&G fan.

Tony Burbs said...

I too appreciate the Navigators card; but, more so for the fact that it's a MiLB card of a future Cub. Nice haul!

Hackenbush said...

I like the Ortiz and Napoli. I seem to be always ditto-ing Tony but I did grow to love Alfonso, hop and all.

Mark Kaz said...

Nice assortment. Especially like that Bure. Very cool!

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