Monday, March 7, 2016

One Card Post - Floridian Jagr

What:  2014-15 Upper Deck (Update) #512 - Jaromir Jagr
Where:  Sportlots
How Much?:  $5

:  How can you not be impressed with what Jaromir Jagr has been able to do this season with the Panthers at his age?  He's approaching a 50-point season, which would be the twentieth of his career, and every time you turn around he's moving up the all-time leader list in games played, goals and points.  It's been awesome as a fan to watch him surpass players like Brett Hull and Gordie Howe. 

With the Bruins playing the Panthers tonight I can't help but wonder how many more full games I'll be able to watch Jagr play.  I'm really happy that I was recently able to land my very first Jagr-as-a-Panther card.  The Upper Deck Update high series cards actually come out as chase cards in SP Authentic, and they're not the easiest cards to come across by any means.  I didn't get a bargain on this one, but I didn't overpay either.

Look at those career stats!  It seems I'm stealthily building up a nice little Jaromir Jagr collection in recent months, I've got one or two more that are nicer than this one to show off soon...


Tony Burbs said...

At this rate, I'm going to retire before Jagr does.

Marc said...

He needs to bring back his 90's mullet.

Hackenbush said...

Wow, they're going to need an even smaller font for his stats soon. He looks pretty old in that picture.

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