Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Another PWE from Delaware

Quick trade post this afternoon to say thanks to my friend Mark Kaz of This Way to the Clubhouse for laying another excellent PWE on me. Let's dive in!

The typical PWE from Mark contains 9 new Red Sox cards, but in this particular instance he keenly observed that I still have some 2015 Topps Update hanging around on my Zistle want list.  Mark knocked off a pair of those remaining cards with this nice horizontal shot of White Sox backstop Geovany Soto...

...and this dual rookie card of Cody Anderson and Phil Klein.  Never heard of Cody Anderson, and looking into it I'm not that surprised.  He's 1-4 with an ERA well north of 7.00 in 8 starts this year.  Phil Klein is a reliever and hasn't fared much better this year, with an ERA above 5.00 in his 8 2016 appearances.  Hey, they can't all be superstars and a set need is a set need!

From there let's transition into more standard fare with some new Red Sox cards.  David Ortiz certainly has been gracing this blog frequently in the past week or two.  This 2004 Bowman Heritage, which pays homage to the '55 Bowman "TV" set, is a pretty sweet card.  I opened a bunch of packs of this stuff back in 2007 when I first returned to the hobby, but was never fortunate enough to pull David.

This one made me happy, always nice to land a new card of my main man Xander Bogaerts!  This will serve as a nice reminder that Xander finished second in AL batting behind Miguel Cabrera despite being just 22 years old last season.  He's certainly proving it was no fluke either as he's pacing the AL in hits here in June.

This time around Mark provided me with my very first look at 2016 Bowman.  I think I like last year's release a bit more, but this isn't bad as Bowman goes.  It's tough to be a shortstop in the Red Sox system at the moment with Bogaerts holding down that position for the foreseeable future on the MLB roster, but Dubon is certainly turning some heads.  Happy to have my first card of Mauricio!

Not only did Mark provide me with a 2016 Heritage base set need towards my team set, but he hooked me up with this nice Then & Now insert as well.  Amazingly I got another copy of this in trade only a day or two after Mark's envelope showed up.  All good though, as that second copy is already in another Sox collector's possession.

Somehow this Dealing Aces insert set from 2014 Gypsy Queen had flown under my radar, but I really like the ornate borders used on these.  Besides, it's always fun acquiring a new card of arguably the most dominant pitcher in franchise history.

Jimmy Piersall is a player I've come to appreciate more in recent years.  This is just my 9th card of his, as he's just not included in a ton of releases.  I like the simplistic design (and dual photographs) used on these Ted Williams cards, too.

Let's close it out with this beauty courtesy of a partnership between Pinnacle and Denny's in the mid-'90s.  As someone who was a kid collector in the early '90s holograms hold some serious nostalgia.  When you combine holograms and an oddball/food-related issue you've got a sweet card indeed.

Mark, this envelope was a blast to sift through as always and I'm sure there are hundreds more in our back-and-forth future!

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Mark Kaz said...

Glad you enjoyed the cards, Shane! Another envelope is in transit...

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