Thursday, November 24, 2016

Buyback Franken-set: In Action!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Nine more buybacks today courtesy of a recent cheap-o eBay lot.  Even with shipping, I paid well under 50 cents per card.

1977 Topps #201 - Ed Kranepool

First up, first baseman Ed Kranepool, who played his entire MLB career for the Mets.  He was a member of the 1969 "Miracle Mets" team, and is enshrined in the Mets HOF.  Normally I'd be delighted to welcome Ed to the franken-set, but #201 is an unfortunate card number to have as far as this project goes...

An easy decision here, Parker and Carew are the clear cut winners.

1979 Topps #176 - Aurelio Rodriguez

Next up, a '79 Topps Aurelio Rodriguez.  Not quite as cool as his '69 Topps release, which shows the team bat-boy in the photograph, but I've never seen a buyback version of that card.  Aurelio passed away tragically in 2000, when he was hit by a car while standing on the sidewalk in the middle of the afternoon.  This card makes the cut for the franken-set.

1977 Topps #126 - Rod Gilbreath Gilbreath.  Rod wrapped up his brief MLB career before I was born, and this isn't a terribly exciting card.  No matter, it's not going to make the franken-set anyway with this card already in slot 126:

Just to clarify, as it's been asked a few times now in the comments, I'm not really looking to trade or dump off the "rejected" buybacks.  Just because they didn't make the franken-set doesn't mean I don't appreciate them.

1975 Topps #318 - Ernie McAnally

Not the greatest start for the franken-set at just 1 for 3 so far in this lot, but that starts to turn around here with Ernie McAnally (brought to you by Coca-Cola!).  He's in uncontested at #318.

1974 Topps #416 - Chicago White Sox Team

For the second straight buyback post we have a nice '70s team card.  The White Sox were as mediocre as is mathematically possible in '74, finishing 80-80.  The most notable player in their Opening Day lineup was probably Ron Santo at DH.  This card is in!

1973 Topps #79 - Jim Willoughby

Jim Willoughby, pictured here with the Giants, was a key bullpen arm for the 1975 Red Sox team.  He makes the franken-set with no current competition.  Up next is yet another '73 Topps buyback...

1973 Topps #491 - Bob Montgomery

Bob Montgomery's entire career was spent as a catcher with the Red Sox, from 1970 through 1979.  Happy to add another Red Sox buyback to the franken-set binder, especially one with as high a number as 491.  This was one of two cards that had me interested in this lot in particular.

1974 Topps #74 - Cecil Upshaw

1972 Topps cards are few and far between at this stage of my buyback project.  This Cecil Upshaw would put me at just half a dozen in the franken-set to date.  Not too fast though, slot 74 is already occupied...

Honestly, I'm making this decision based on set alone, especially since I don't have any real reason to favor this Billy Champion card.

Billy and his airbrushed hat will have to find a comfortable home in my buyback rejects box.

1972 Topps #54 - Bud Harrelson In Action

Final card here, and the other one that drew me to this small lot.  Like I said, '72 buybacks have been tough, and this is the first from that set's In Action subset.  Fitting to start the post with a member of the "Miracle Mets" team, and end it with one as well.  Bud was also a coach during the team's 1986 World Series Championship season, and would later manage the club as well.  He's a member of the Mets HOF.

Tom Johnson's 1978 card was already in at #54, but it took about a half a second to make this call...

Not too bad for just a few bucks spent, was nice to get those '72s in there for variety.  Enjoy the holiday weekend folks!

Franken-set Progress:  207/792 (26%)


Hackenbush said...

Love your passion for this project. As far as the cards, you know I'm not a White Sox fan but I do love the red and white uniforms, and Ron Santo so that team card is easily my favorite. Happy Thanksgiving.

Snorting Bull said...

Cool Buyback cards! This looks like a really neat project.

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