Thursday, November 17, 2016

Buyback Franken-set: An eBay 6-pack

A brief buyback post today, featuring a lot of a half dozen of the 2015 Topps variety that I took home as the sole bidder at $1.99 on eBay.  The last card is the one that really drew me to bid on these, but let's look at the other five first...

1972 Topps #11 - Bobby Valentine

While I think most every Red Sox fan would love to forget Bobby V's brief time at the helm a few years back, I do enjoy his cards from his days as a player.  This '72 Topps release has the second page of my franken-set looking pretty nice.  Any card featuring a parking lot full of automobiles is okay in my book!  This is my second favorite card from this small lot.

1979 Topps #304 - Steve Swisher

Next up, Steve Swisher's super creepy grin.  I honestly did not know until typing up this post that he is Nick Swisher's father.  When I went to go slide this into slot 304 there was already a card there:

While I don't have any particular affinity towards either of these players or cards, I prefer '71 Topps over '79.  I also like the Expos more than I do the Cardinals, and this is a more interesting (and less disturbing) photograph as well.

Sorry Steve...

1979 Topps #171 - Gene Clines

I thought this '79 Topps Gene Clines looked familiar when I was scanning it in.  Turns out I already had a copy of this exact same buyback.

My buddy Mark Kaz sent it to me over the summer.  No worries though, I know quite a few folks who collect Cubs or buybacks, so I won't have a problem finding a home for my extra Clines card.

1976 Topps #312 - Don Carrithers

Next up, pitcher Don Carrithers' '76 Topps release.  I don't have much to say about Don, who finished his MLB career with a 28-32 record and an ERA of 4.45.  As my only #312 buyback though, this card will make a perfectly fine place-holder for now.  Better than looking at an empty slot in the binder for sure.

1973 Topps #492 - Pedro Borbon

Here's a nice Pedro Borbon, standing in what appears to be a very large, open field.  Pedro was an extremely reliable bullpen arm for the powerhouse '70s Reds teams, and was instrumental in the team winning it all in 1975 and 1976.  Bullpen guys never seem to get the accolades that starters do, I'm glad that Pedro makes the set at #492.

1957 Topps #186 - Jim King

Lastly, here's the card that had me gravitating towards this lot to begin with.  It's not that I'm a Jim King fan or anything, it's just that in my experience thus far the 1957 Topps cards are the toughest to find buybacks of.  In fact, with 196 different cards now in my franken-set, plus over 30 rejected cards, this is the very first '57 I've gotten my hands on.

One notable fact I discovered is that Jim hit for the cycle against my favorite team, the Boston Red Sox, in May of 1964.  As my only '57 buyback to date, he's firmly entrenched in the binder in slot 186.

One dupe, one rejected card, and four new additions.  Not too shabby for a couple bucks!

Franken-set Progress:  196/792 (25%)


Tony Burbs said...

Two Cubs and an Expo with an awesome Wrigley backdrop - looks like a pretty nifty lot to me!

Mike Matson said...

Just love seeing the Expos featured.

Brett Alan said...

I'm assuming '57 is as old as buybacks get, since that's the first year cards were the now standard size. Nice find.

Whole lotta powder blue in this batch! It's a good look.

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