Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Collecting Whalers - 2010-11 The Cup Gordie Howe

I'm out on a hike with my dog, enjoying the beautiful Fall New England weather. Wanted to at least give you something new to look at for the day, so here's the other base card I recently won on eBay from 2010-11 The Cup:

I like this one much better than the Francis, mainly because of the color photo. Like the Francis, only 5 years of stats are listed on the back:

I guess this must've been done on all the base cards. Anyway, this post won't be up for long. Tonight I'll show off a recent pick-up from The Cup that blows both of these out of the water!


Brad said...

Love these Cup cards!

Anonymous said...

I have this card!

I would like it a LOT better if it weren't so insanely thick.

What do you do with these big things? They don't go into a 9-pocket sheet.

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