Saturday, July 21, 2012

What I Bought Instead of Allen & Ginter - Shiny New Cards

Here are some shiny new Red Sox cards that arrived yesterday courtesy of some of my Allen & Ginter hobby box money.  The first eight cards all came from the same seller, $1.25 each with free shipping for a total of $10.

Two 2011 Topps Update Diamond Anniversary cards of Adrian Gonzalez.

He's actually got three cards in the 2011 Update set, so I've still got one more to track down to complete the tri-fecta.

I'm forever behind when it comes to the new stuff, so these are actually the very first Cognac Diamond Anniversary parallels I've seen in person.

I have to say, they really look great.  I'll be searching out the rest of the Red Sox if I can find them at a decent price.

Unlike most new, shiny cards these actually scan fairly well.

I picked up one Gold parallel, #'d / 2011.  This is the third Gonzalez card from the Update set that I mentioned above.

Finally, we have two more Cognac parallels, both of these from the Update set.  Aceves has been one of the bright spots on a Sox team that's been tough to watch at times this year, and I don't have nearly enough of his cards.  In fact, this is only my second Aceves card, and the first depicts him on the Yankees.  Ugh!

Here's another new Red Sox card from a different seller.  This one's from the 2012 Archives '58 Combos insert set.  It's definitely sort of an odd one, just weird seeing Yaz and Ellsbury photoshopped onto the same card.  These inserts are actually a pretty tough pull though, so I was happy to snag it for $3.38 plus $2.40 shipping and handling.  That sale price is a little less than half of what the insert I sold from this set went for, I guess Archives is old news already.

To finish things off, here's maybe my favorite card from the batch.  This one came from the same seller as the eight cards I led off the post with.  I may have overpaid slightly at $3, but shipping was free and as a child of the '80s I can't pass up a new card featuring Darryl as a Met.

Total:  $16.38
Shipping:  $2.40
Running Total:  $63.19


Michael Chase said...

man I'm loving that Strawberry

shoeboxlegends said...

Yeah not bad huh? Thanks for your comment, I've added your blog to my blogroll, looking forward to reading your posts.

Anonymous said...

I think I may have a few of those Redsox from the diamond anniversary set I will dig around

shoeboxlegends said...

addictedtocardboard, if you end up finding any let me know! Maybe we can get a trade going...

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