Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What I Bought Instead of Allen & Ginter - Something Modern, Something Vintage

A couple of more items that I used my Allen & Ginter money for have arrived in the mail.  First something modern...

My third (and likely final) 2012 Topps Archives auto, Luis Tiant of the Boston Red Sox.  This is my first Tiant auto, and given that he is one of Boston's most memorable players from the '70s, it's a welcome addition to my Red Sox autograph collection.  I was happy to win this one at $9.95 plus $2 shipping.

I now have Bill "Spaceman" Lee, Will Clark, and Tiant autos from this set, which were really the only three I had an interest in.  Putting these autos to bed is a good feeling, I'll never search eBay for this set again. 

The second card I added to the collection is of the vintage variety:

This card fills a longstanding hole in my collection; a vintage Drysdale.  The closest thing I had prior to this was a 1966 Topps Pitching Leaders card that features both Koufax and Drysdale.  Acquiring individual Koufax and Drysdale cards is something that's been on my long term collecting goal list, and now I can cross Drysdale off.  Still need a Koufax though...

I was happy to add this particular card as well, since I've been on a bit of a '64 Topps kick lately.  I've lost out on auctions for three of these in the past, but this time the price was right at $21.51 plus a reasonable $1.95 shipping fee.  I'll take this card over a blaster any day, for roughly the same cost.  Here are the totals so far, just three cards in and I'm already nearly halfway through my budget:

Total:  $31.46
Shipping:  $3.95
Running Total:  $44.41


Dave H said...

Two great grabs there....definitely better than a blaster any day!

Hackenbush said...

Beautiful Drysdale!

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