Sunday, September 29, 2013

Signature Sundays - John Olerud

Let's take a break from Panini Classics Signatures hockey this week. With the baseball season winding down I wanted to squeeze this one in.  Today's autograph is a signature I've wanted for a while now, a player I really admired during my youth, John Olerud:

If you're a Blue Jays fan, this will remind you of better days.  Days when the Jays weren't finishing last in the AL East, 23 games back.  A fine looking card, and props to Topps for going with the '93 design.  Olerud enjoyed his career year that season en route to a World Series championship.  I'll never become a John Olerud collector, but I do enjoy picking up select cards of his from time to time.  This one would have to be right up there with my '93 Finest Refractor.

The only unfortunate thing about this one as a Red Sox fan is that the write up on the card back just happens to mention two separate occasions where he decimated Sox pitching.  That aside, in my opinion this one was an absolute bargain for $7.01 plus $1.95 shipping.

1 comment:

Hackenbush said...

He's not in my autograph box. Great pickup!

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