Friday, October 11, 2013

Adrian Gonzalez, We Hardly Knew Ye - NLCS Edition

I figured with Adrian Gonzalez and the LA Dodgers on the verge of the NLCS, it was an appropriate time to post some additions to my Gonzalez Red Sox collection.  Today's post will get me much closer to my goal of acquiring 100 unique Gonzalez Red Sox cards by year's end...

Most of today's commons come from a bulk Sportlots order.  This 2011 Donruss Elite Extra Edition card is atrocious.  I just can't stand unlicensed crap like this, this is definitely a case of a player collection making me buy a card that I never would otherwise.

Here's Adrian's 2011 Bowman base card...

...and the Gold parallel.

Finally tracked down the Topps Lineage base card...

..and this one, which looks the same but is the Venezuelan back insert:

A duo of Diamond Duos.  Not a fan of these at all, just feels like Topps mailing it in to me.

Chrome version of the 2011 Bowman card from above.  I've actually got one of the four printing plates that was used to make this one.

I grabbed both of the Bowman Platinum base cards that feature Gonzalez with Boston.  This is the 2011 version.

Here's a Vintage Chrome insert from 2011 Topps Chrome.

2011 Opening Day base card...

...and Stadium Lights insert from the same Opening Day set.

2012 Bowman Gold parallel...

...and here's the other Bowman Platinum card, the 2012 version.

Closing out the base cards is a trio from 2012 Topps Heritage.  A floating Gonzalez head on the AL Batting Leaders card...

...Adrian and Big Papi in the dugout on the Red Sox Smashers card...

...and Adrian's base card, featuring the chain link fence backdrop seen on so many cards in last year's Heritage release.  That's 17 new base cards, not bad for one post, but I was also able to pick up a new autograph for very little money over the summer:

This on-card auto is from the 2012 Gypsy Queen release, and it's a pretty sharp looking card.  Gonzalez doesn't have the most interesting signature but this one is nice and large, and well placed.

I snagged this card for what seemed like a criminally low price of just $5.50.  It's my third Gonzalez autograph, and definitely the least amount I've shelled out for any of the three.

I'll be rooting for the Dodgers in the NLCS, as I think it would be really interesting to see a Red Sox/Dodgers World Series.  Those two teams would fascinate me as it is, but even more so in light of last season's blockbuster trade!

Adrian Gonzalez Red Sox Cards - Count

Total Cards - 84

#'d /2011 - 1
#'d /999 - 1
#'d/562 - 1
#'d/199 - 1
#'d/100 - 2
#'d/99 - 1
#'d/75 - 1
#'d /60 -2
#'d/50 - 2
#'d/25 - 2
#'d/10 - 2
1/1 - 8
Relics - 2
Silk - 1
Autographs - 3
Printing Plates - 7

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