Thursday, November 19, 2015

A Box of Update - Part 2

Alright, let's get right into the second of three posts on the hobby box of 2015 Topps Update Series I picked up late last week.  Today I'll be showing some highlights from packs 13-24...

Highlights from Pack 13

Right out of the gate we have a couple of inserts that I'll be sending out in future PWEs.  Harmon Killebrew will be off to Brian of HSCA...

...and Jason Johnson here will likely get shipped to either Joe Shlabotnik or Commishbob.

Unfortunately there were two cards in this pack that experienced some type of weird issue during the print run.

Almost looks like something spilled out across the cards that faded the ink.  If you line up the Russell and Soto cards the stain mark on the top of the Russel lines up perfectly with the one on the bottom of the Soto, almost like they were next to each other on the printing sheet.  A shame too, since this is the first Russel Rookie Debut I've pulled that wasn't the photo variation.  Topps really doesn't want me to get my hands on one of these it seems.

Highlights from Pack 14

Pulled this Rainbow Foil Martin Prado.  This is the kind of card that's destined to sit in my trade box forever.  Does anyone actually collect Marlins cards?

This one, on the other hand, will probably have a very short shelf life in the trade box.

Highlights from Pack 15

Pack 15 was kind of rough, pulled a few dupes and the only card of note was this buyback of Jose Baez.  Not nearly as interesting as the buyback I pulled in the first section of the box.  I may end up dealing this one away at some point down the line...

Highlights from Pack 16

My first Mike Fiers card.

Another uninspired insert for the trade box.

Highlights from Pack 17


I'm not necessarily a big fan of the All-Star subset, but I like that this one gives you an up-close look at Keuchel's epic beard.

Highlights from Pack 18

This Gold parallel will be headed to Douglas of Sports Cards from the Dollar Store.  Of course I just got a PWE ready to go for him before pulling it, but at least it's a good start on my next stack for him.

This one is already en route to Tim of I Love the Smell of Cardboard in the Morning.  Hey, even if I'm not pulling a lot of cards I love, at least others will be able to enjoy the box.

Highlights from Pack 19

Trade bait.

Headed off to Dime Box Nick.

Highlights from Pack 20

Also headed off to Dime Box Nick.  Pretty dull pack aside from this one.

Highlights from Pack 21

Trade bait.

I'll have no problem getting rid of this Buddy Carlyle Pride & Perseverance insert given how many Mets collectors I know.

Highlights from Pack 22

As someone who shares the last name Diaz, this is one of my favorite base cards in the set.

My first card featuring Scott Kazmir on the Astros.  I was really rooting for Houston out of the AL once it became clear that the Red Sox were out of it, but it was not meant to be.

Trade bait.

Also trade bait.

Highlights from Pack 23

Once again, trade bait.

Nice, one of the last few Red Sox inserts I'm down to needing at this point.  This is actually the only Red Sox card to come out of these 12 packs, period.

Unfortunately I got two more damaged cards in this one.

I would have needed both for my set too, what a pain.  I can't honestly say I got that upset over it, with everything going on in the world I always feel a little silly getting pessimistic or grouchy over little pieces of cardboard with baseball players printed on them.

Highlights from Pack 24

Only thing of note in the last pack were a couple of inserts, this Randy Johnson which I'll be looking to trade...

...and this Jim Abbott, which is a definite keeper.  I can think of no player more deserving for inclusion in a set dubbed "Pride and Perseverance" than Jim.  I've always considered him one of the most inspiring athletes of all time, in any sport.  I've even considered starting up a collection dedicated to Jim, but at the end of the day I have too many hobby priorities as it is.

If I'm being honest, that wasn't quite as thrilling as the first third of the box.  Still one more round of 12 packs to go though, who knows what surprises await!


buckstorecards said...

Just don't consider this Mets fan for the Carlyle - I already picked one up at the Expo for myself.

Jimmy said...

Could you add the Santiago and High Voltage Gold cards to the other Golds I was interested in? Need both. Can use the Baez buyback as well. Thanks.

Commishbob said...

They should do the Prehitting Ritual thing for Mike Hargrove. It could be a 12 card subset.

GCA said...

I got four of those half printed ones in one of my boxes too. Looks like the red plate didn't hit half the card. Luckily I got the same four in the other box. I had put them aside to scan and then sorted all my base. Took me a while to figure out that those were the four I had left for the whole set.

Dave H said...

Love seeing RJ and Jim Abbott. I almost forgot about him and his amazing career!

defgav said...

I think the defective cards are kinda cool looking! The Soto seems like it's a scene out of the X-Files. And the Soria looks transdimensional.

Anonymous said...

Does the back of the Buddy Carlyle "Pride And Perseverence" card say something about his struggle to get on a baseball card for the first time since 2009? Because I don't think he's been on one since then. Thank you, humongous Topps Traded set!

I wouldn't mind adding Buddy to my collection...

Mark Kaz said...

I nearly snagged that Carlyle off eBay on a couple occasions...

And that Abbott is a sweet card for sure!

Nick said...

I think "Pride and Perseverance" is my personal favorite insert set of the year. And thanks for setting the Ichiro/Billy Williams aside for me! Can definitely use those. (I can also use the Sonny Gray(s) and Troy Tulowitzki parallels from your prior Update post for my "tip of the cap" collection if they're available.)

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