Saturday, November 28, 2015

Canadian Whalers & Sox

Before I get to the rest of my haul from yesterday's card show, I've got some catching up to do in the trade post department.  A quick and easy one here to get the ball rolling, featuring a nice PWE that made its way to my mailbox all the way from Canada a few weeks ago.

Whalers cards from Canada can mean only one thing, another trade package from Douglas at Sports Cards from the Dollar Store.  Douglas has increased my Whalers collection more than any other trader, and his envelopes are always spot on.

This particular PWE led off with a trio of Hartford players from the Canadian version of the '90-91 Score set.  Three players who were a big part of the team during my childhood days too!

It's amazing how quickly card production techniques evolved in the '90s, isn't it?  It's hard to believe that these beautiful '95-96 Select Limited Edition cards came out just 5 years after the Score cards that led off the post.

These are really impressive in hand.  Nice, thick card stock and they reflect the light much better than they come across in my crude scans.

Douglas managed to include a couple of Whalers cards from the height of the junk wax era that I can hardly believe I didn't already have, but sure enough I didn't.  This card is sort of a visual representation of the trade that brought Eric to Hartford (along with Sean Burke), but sent a very talented player to New Jersey in Bobby Holik.

Closing out the Whalers portion of the package is the other card I can't believe I didn't have already, a '92-93 Parkhurst Andrew Cassels.  Actually, looking at my collection on Zistle it seems as though I have very few of these overall.

Douglas made a nice contribution to my Red Sox collection with this delivery as well.  He must have come upon a nice stash of Bowman Chrome recently, because there were quite a few in this envelope.

Definitely my favorite out of the Red Sox cards that were included.  I love the image of a floating Dustin Pedroia that Topps used on his 2012 flagship card, and will never get tired of obtaining new versions of this one.

Another Bowman Chrome, featuring a guy who I foresee as maybe the #5 starter this coming season, depending on whether further trades take place.  Still very young.

I'm not sure Ty Buttrey will ever make the big league club, as he struggled a bit in high A ball this past year at age 22.  Still grateful for the card though.

Finally, my very first taste of 2015 Topps Heritage Minors.  Definitely some uncertainty here with Kopech, who earned himself a nice 50-game suspension for testing positive for PEDs this past summer.

Thanks for the cards Douglas, and sorry for taking so long to post them.  I promise I'll be quicker with the bubble mailer of Expo goods that arrived recently, and I did manage to send a return PWE off to you a few days ago...

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Adam said...

That's a nice haul of Whalers cards. The gold Pedroia is nice too.

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