Thursday, January 28, 2016

One Card Post - Bag o' Chips

What:  1976 Crane Potato Chip Discs - Carl Yastrzemski
Where:  Jeff S
How Much?:  Free (Jeff is awesome!)

:  I've really toned down my hobby spending thus far in 2016.  You would think less money spent on cards, thus less new cards coming in, would make the hobby less enjoyable for me.  I'm finding it's exactly the opposite though, as I'm using all the time I'd spend browsing around for new cards organizing my collection and forming a greater appreciation for the cards I already have instead.  Today's oddball is a perfect example.  It was sent to me by one of the most generous traders I've ever encountered, my friend Jeff S, and it's a shame it took me as long as it did to give the card its proper due here on the blog.  Thanks Jeff!

1 comment:

Fuji said...

great card. old school oddballs from the 70's rule!

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