Sunday, January 24, 2016

Snowstorm Hockey Cards - Pt 2

As a reward for the hour or so I spent digging out this morning, let's spend a little time digging through the latest delivery of cardboard from Angus of Dawg Day Cards.  Angus is a pretty awesome dude, and has gone out of his way to send me cards on quite a few occasions now.  Most recently he sent me a very thoughtful Christmas card, and that was followed up not even a week or two later with a thick bubble mailer packed with hockey card goods.

For starters, there was a giant stack of this year's Upper Deck hockey to be found.  When the dust settled I had something like 35-40 new cards for my set, and a handful of doubles for my trade box as well.

I'm not going to show them all here obviously, but my favorites coincidentally (or perhaps not so much) all ended up being horizontal photos.

Whenever I see a card like this one I wonder to myself; does Upper Deck ever photoshop players out of the backgrounds on cards?  I find it hard to believe there was any point, either during warm-ups or game action, where there wouldn't be a single soul visible on all that ice behind Erik in this shot.

Here's the last Upper Deck flagship card I'll show.  Aside from making goal decisions much easier on the refs, the high tech goal cams that are used in today's game sure make for some sweet hockey cards.

The Upper Deck cards alone would have been more than enough to make a solid package, but Angus included a generous helping of Hartford Whalers cardboard as well!  Leading off we've got a trio of the team's lesser-known goaltenders in Kay Whitmore...

...Daryl Reaugh...

...and Frank Pietrangelo.  Love the mask matching the sweater on this one.

Surprisingly, I had not a single '92-93 Parkhurst "Emerald Ice" parallel in my collection before this package showed up.

They look exactly like their regular counterparts, except that the oval Parkhurst logo is done in emerald foil.

Angus hooked me up with a solid half dozen in this package to kick start me on these parallels.

Not a bad start at all!

Here's one from that '92-93 Upper Deck All-Star set that came in a tall plastic box made to look like an athletic locker.

A nice Geoff Sanderson insert from the 1993-94 Classic Pro Hockey Prospects set.  Don't recall ever having even seen this card before.

How about a couple of cards from the set that seems to be creeping into just about every trade package I've received recently?

I can't explain the sudden influx of '92-93 Bowman, but I'm not complaining either.  The more of these cards I see, the more I like the set.

Have about a dozen copies of this card, but this is my first French version of the Whalers' gardien de but!

Here's a nice Finest Andrew Cassels.  Had the refractor version but not the regular base, until now.

Last Whalers card of the package, a nice Pinnacle Tim Kerr.  Given that it's becoming harder and harder to find junk wax Whalers I don't already have, Angus did amazingly well with this delivery.  In fact, he bumped me to over 1,500 unique Whalers cards, a significant number for a franchise that didn't even last 20 years in the NHL!

Oh, and there was one "baseball card" as well.  This awesome over-sized Exhibits Walt Dropo.  Very cool!

Thanks for the great package Angus, and apologies for the delay in posting my gratitude.  I think it's gotten to the point where I'm going to have to go out and find a few Browns cards just to send you, my collecting conscience can't deal with the fact that I've yet to reciprocate all the great cards you've sent my way.  In the meantime, thank you!


Jeff Jones said...

The new set is so nice I may just have to chase it as well.

Billy Kingsley said...

From what I've seen on the blogs UD has done an outstanding job with this year's Hockey set. Really good photography.

Angus said...

Glad you enjoyed the cards. They were ones I just picked up in Phoenix at Christmas. I actually have other interesting stuff for you here at home that I just haven't gotten around to mailing.

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