Wednesday, June 14, 2017

One Card Post - Sticky Langway

What:  1985-86 Topps Sticker Inserts #10 - Rod Langway
Where:  COMC
How Much?:  $.70

:  I completed the 1985-86 Topps hockey set years ago, but when I was working on that project I only ended up with 9 of the 33 sticker inserts.  I decided a while back to finish those off so that I could include them with my set in the binder.  I found a seller on Sportlots with all but one of the remaining stickers I needed at the minimum price of 18 cents each.

That left one lone sticker still guessed it, Rod Langway!  70 cents later, that problem was solved.  It felt good adding all the stickers to the binder, and my '80s Topps hockey run is all the more complete now.  Gotta love the internet.

It's somewhat random that Rod was the final sticker I needed, as I just acquired a much nicer Langway card around the same time as this one.  I'll be showing that one off soon!


Anonymous said...

In my defense, it's pretty late (for me) as I write this, but my immediate reaction to your subject line was "Since when did Rod Langway have the nickname 'Sticky'?" :-)

While Langway isn't quite my favorite player in Caps history, I'd see it as "fightin' words" if anyone suggested that Langway isn't the most IMPORTANT player in the history of the Washington Capitals.

Matthew Scott said...

Sticky Langway sounds like a baseball pitcher in the 1920's or a cat burglar from the same era.....

Marc said...

Can't wait to see the next Langway post. Defensemen get no respect.

forestrydave said...

I loved the Topps Sticker inserts! That particular year also had the 4th NHL issued Pelle Lindbergh card.

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