Friday, September 1, 2017

Buyback Franken-set: Childhood Favorites

I don't typically pick up single buybacks on eBay, as shipping costs are prohibitive, but recently I found a seller offering flat $3 shipping regardless of how many cards you won.  I took the opportunity to pick up some childhood favorites in buyback format.  I ended up with 9 in total, let's see how they fare in terms of the franken-set...

1990 Topps #224 - Delino DeShields

For whatever reason Delino DeShields' card is one I remember fondly from my days of hand-collating a 1990 Topps set as a kid.  Maybe it was Delino's odd look?  Perhaps that three in the background?  Or the folks walking away in the background between his arms?

Unfortunately, as fondly as I remember that card it does not stand a chance when it comes to the franken-set, as this lovely '72 Topps World Series subset buyback is already resident in slot 224.

Sorry Delino.

1990 Topps #2 - Nolan Ryan 5,000 Ks Mets

I picked this one up due to the free additional shipping, and the fact that my winning bid was just a hair over a buck.  I didn't really need it, since I already had a copy from last year's buyback program:

(Already present in slot 2)

The thing is, I might just be crazy enough to start a 1990 Topps buyback set someday, so I'll be glad to have the extra copy at that point.

1990 Topps #3 - Nolan Ryan 5,000 Ks Angels

Ditto for this one.  Once again though, a shade over a dollar isn't bad for a Nolan Ryan buyback given how many rabid Ryan collectors are out there.

Already had this copy.

But at least when the time comes to binder a separate '90 Topps buyback attempt my first page will be off to a good start.

1990 Topps #407 - Mark Davis All-Star

This one's kind of cool, in that Mark Davis was the most dominant closer in all of baseball in 1989.  His 65 games finished and 44 saves (both league highs), combined with a 1.85 ERA were good enough to win him the National League Cy Young Award.

Another tough match-up here, as Davis faces off against this '79 Pete Vuckovich.  Pete won a Cy Young Award of his own (though not until 1982 with the Brewers).

A tough call here, but I really enjoy that Vuckovich card so Davis loses in a close one.

1990 Topps #380 - Dave Winfield

A nice 1990 Topps HOFer here in Dave Winfield.  Dave had missed the entire 1989 season due to a back injury, and didn't last long in New York in 1990.  His ongoing feud with owner George Steinbrenner ultimately resulted in him being shipped out of town to the Angels early in the season.

Already had this Joe Magrane in the binder for card #380.

This one's no match for the great Dave Winfield, however.  Just can't pass up a chance to get a new player who's enshrined in Cooperstown into the binder.

1990 Topps #300 - Bo Jackson

Here's one I was pumped to win.  Bo Jackson was quite simply the man in the early '90s.  The "Bo Knows" craze was in full effect.  I know a lot of folks can't stand 1990 Topps, and I totally understand that I'm heavily biased, but I think that's a nice looking card!  Even better, I was lacking a #300 buyback so this "hero number" makes the project.

1990 Topps #757 - Larry Walker

Here's another cool one, a rookie card of slugger Larry Walker.  Of all the Walker RCs released in 1990, and there were quite a few, I think Topps may have done the nicest job.  Upper Deck or Leaf would be a close second.  This is a nice high number too at 757, so high in fact that it lacks competition and thus makes the cut for the binder.

1990 Topps #7 - Rickey Henderson Record Breaker

I think this might be my favorite card from this lot.  Bonus points for this card due to the fact that Rickey had arguably the best season of his prestigious career in 1990, batting .325 with 28 home runs and 65 steals.  He led the league in both runs scored and OPS en route to the only MVP Award of his HOF career.  Amazingly, #7 has been an empty gap on the first page of the binder up until now.  Rickey is in!

1993 Topps #701 - Mike Piazza/Brook Fordyce/Carlos Delgado/Donnie Leshnock

The last card I won from this seller is the lone non-1990 Topps buyback in the group.  Just couldn't pass up a multi-player rookie card featuring a pair of players as solid as Carlos Delgado and Mike Piazza.  A great card for this project, especially since it is also a nice 700+ high  number.  This one makes the cut as well, and I'd imagine it will be holding down its spot in the binder for good.

For me, that was a fun grouping that really reminded me of the good old days of collecting as a kid.  More than half the cards forced their way into the binder too, really enhancing my set quite a bit.  Plus I provided a solid bump for my eventual '90 Topps buyback set.  All in all, a win.

Franken-set Progress:  468/792 (58%)
"Rejected" Buybacks:  308
Total Buybacks in Collection: 776


Brett Alan said...

I love that rookies card...there's one obscure Met joined by two guys who went on to be major stars...and, eventually, Mets!

Coast To Posts said...

Nice Bo Jackson pick up. Really liked him as a kid. Remember the cartoon, Pro Stars?!

Anonymous said...

As a fellow Mets fan, I'm a little surprised Brett Alan didn't have the same reaction I did. I don't mean to belittle Donnie Leshnock or his career, but seeing three players who were in the majors for at least 10 years and then seeing a failed Yankees prospect... well, it just warms my heart. (Sorry, Donnie, no offense intended).

Anonymous said...

Everybody knows you're going to do a 1990 Frankenset sooner or later, you may as well go ahead and commit to it. :-)

Kin said...

Great grouping of cards! You mentioned also attacking a 1990 Frankenset. I had thought about the same with 1987. You've been an inspiration to me!

Fuji said...

I should really compliment the Rickey since he's one of my favorite players... but that Walker was the main card that caught my eye. I'm tempted to find a copy for my own collection.

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