Wednesday, September 13, 2017

One Card Post - Someone Sign Jagr!

What:  1994-95 Pinnacle Artist's Proof #98 - Jaromir Jagr
How Much?:  $3.50 (plus 90 cents shipping)

:  Jaromir Jagr is the last remnant from my days as a young fan of the NHL in the early '90s.  While I don't know that I'd classify myself as a player collector, I do search out his cards in particular from time to time.  Anyone who's lasted almost two decades in the league and finds himself in the top three all-time in both goals and points is bound to have some good cardboard out there.

With Jagr I try to focus on getting a few nicer, rarer cards rather than just accumulating as many as I can, at least at this point.  These Artist's Proof parallels were a pretty big deal back in the mid-'90s, falling at a rate of one every 1.5 hobby boxes.  I'm not sure what that equates to in terms of print runs, but I know they're not the easiest cards to come across at all.  Pulling any one of these parallels from a pack was something significant back in the day, Jaromir even more so.  I happily dedicated a few bucks from my monthly card budget to secure this copy.

Now, will somebody please sign this guy so I can enjoy some new Jagr cards for at least another year?


Adam Sanders said...

I'm with you, someone definitely needs to sign Jagr. There was a rumor a while back that the Flames were interested but nothing really came of it.

Tony Burbs said...

Thirded on someone signing Jagr - there are few constants in life and Jagr has become one of them!

Kin said...

I'm not sure what kind of money he's looking for but I keep hoping it's not too much and that he will sign with either the Blackhawks or Stars. He could slot in on a third line! I also still feel young as long as he's in the league.

t parish said...

Its hugely unfortunate at the moment because all these years and the guy still brings more to the table than 60% of most NHL roster players. By the end of October and a couple of unfortunate injuries somewhere, he'll get a call.

Fuji said...

This guy still has something left in the tank. Doug Wilson... if you're reading this... I'd totally be willing to buy a Jaromir Jagr Sharks jersey if you sign him.

Side note: $3.50 (+ 90¢ shipping) for a Jagr artist proof? What is this hobby of ours coming to? That's way too cheap for such an awesome and rare card.

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