Sunday, March 25, 2018

Signature Sundays - Todd Krygier

Just a quick autograph post tonight, featuring a card I picked up recently as part of an eBay lot that set me back a buck a card. This was the same seller that I grabbed the 1990-91 Pro Set autos I featured a couple weekends ago from.

Had to snag this 1991-92 Topps Todd Krygier autograph.  While I haven't posted much about it here, I've been passionate over this past winter about expanding on my Hartford Whalers collection and getting all the cards logged in the Trading Card Database.  I found out that you can view your ranking for any individual team or player among all TCDB members.  Since then I've made it an unofficial goal to become the #1-ranked Whalers collector on the site.  I've logged 610 Whalers cards so far, good enough for 43rd place currently.  I have plenty more to get added to my inventory though, so should be able to climb quite a bit higher in the rankings.

Todd Krygier was a local guy who played for the University of Connecticut before being drafted by the Whalers in the 1988 entry draft.  Known for his gritty style of play, he lasted just two seasons with the Whalers before being dealt to the Washington Capitals.  I have no idea if this signature is legitimate, but it's not like Upper Deck is releasing certified autos of guys like Todd Krygier these days so I figured it was worth a dollar anyway.  Besides, it features the glorious all-green uniforms that are so nostalgic for me.

Because Todd was dealt away after the 1990-91 season, the back of this card actually features his career Whaler statistics!

That's it for this week, maybe not the most exciting card to most but a welcome addition to the autograph collection of this rabid Whalers fan!

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