Saturday, April 7, 2018

COMC Blaster - Batman, Dinosaurs, Sox & More!

Had some time to scan and tidy up in my card room today, so I pulled a bunch of COMC purchases from my card chest and scanned enough of them for a "COMC Blaster" post.  Let's see how far $20 in credit went on my favorite hobby site on the internet...

1970 Topps Rico Petrocelli All-Star - $.48

A fantastic start with this nice Rico Petrocelli All-Star.  I love the design of the All-Star subset in '70 Topps, and ringing in at less than 50 cents this card was a no-brainer.

2013 Topps Chrome Shane Victorino Blue Refractor (#'d /199) - $1.75

I went a little crazy with 2013 Topps Chrome parallels for whatever reason, maybe because that's the last time the Sox won it all.  In any event I've already completed the X-Fractor, Purple Refractor and Orange Refractor team sets.  This is my first Blue Refractor.

2015 Upper Deck Dinosaurs 3-D Mussaurus - $.89

No surprise to see a couple of Upper Deck Dinosaurs lenticular 3-D inserts here.  As I've mentioned once or twice before, I'm halfheartedly attempting to complete the entire 42-card insert set.  For today I've got Mussaurus...

2015 Upper Deck Dinosaurs 3-D Ouranosaurus - $.89

...and Ouranosaurus, had for 89 cents a piece.  I need to start getting these into binder pages, the set shouldn't be all that much of a challenge except for a handful of dreaded short prints at the end of the checklist.

2014 Bowman Chrome Rob Gronkowski Bubbles Refractor (#'d /99) - $1.75

I really grew to love the Bubbles Refractors from the 2014 Bowman Chrome baseball set so, while I don't actively collect football cards, I just couldn't help myself when I found this Gronk available at what I'd imagine is a decent price for a card numbered to 99.  I think this is one of just two Gronkowski cards in my entire collection, which is just fine with me.  I enjoy NFL football but just don't have the bandwidth to take my collection into that sport.

1987 M & M's Roger Clemens - $.35

I have to confess, this is a super ugly Clemens card.  I grabbed this for two reasons; first it completes my team set for this release, and secondly it set me back just 35 cents.  Moving on...

1954 Bowman George Strickland - $1.22

Now here's a beautiful card!  I've picked up quite a few 1954 Bowman cards over the years on COMC, just from picking low-hanging fruit from time to time.  This one was so cheap because there's a surface crease (you can see it cutting through the Cleveland lettering on George's jersey).  Do not care in the least, love this card at $1.22.  I've got over 20 of these now, including a near complete Red Sox team set (the Williams is gonna be tough!).

2016-17 Fleer Showcase John Cullen '92-93 Ultra Buyback - $3.85

Yes, this is the most expensive card in today's post.  Yes, I shelled out close to $4 for a buyback of an early '90s common.  These '92-93 Ultra buybacks from last year's Fleer Showcase set were tough pulls, numbered to just 25 copies each.  This is my eighth of these buybacks overall, with two of those being autographs (Lidstrom & Jagr).  I really love these, and I have a few others stocked up that I'll share here someday including a couple of impressive autographs!

1966 Topps Batman Black Bat "Hidden Loot" - $.63

My two favorite non-sports sets of the '60s are Mars Attacks and the 1966 Batman sets.  This one's a little beat up, true, but I hope to one day complete the entire 55-card "Black Bat" set, and I'm not overly concerned with condition at all.  Besides, this is the final card on the checklist, and I don't exactly have a ton of cards featuring tanks!

2015-16 Upper Deck Ice Frank Vatrano RC - $2.41

I picked up this Frank Vatrano RC a while back because he was an up-and-coming potential star with the Bruins.  I'd seen him play a couple of times, both with the Providence Bruins and with Boston, and this kid can shoot the puck!  He was dealt to the Panthers this year though at the deadline (and in fact scored a painful goal against the B's just a few days ago).

1993 Flair Randy Johnson - $.45

I picked up this Flair Randy Johnson a while ago because it was one of the last cards I needed to complete the 1993 Flair set.  I'd forgotten I had it sitting in my card chest, and ended up purchasing one in the interim, making this one a dupe.  If any of my trading partners want this sweet, sweet mullet just leave a comment and I'll throw it on your pile.

2013-14 Score Update Jaromir Jagr - $1.49

Another nice addition to my meager-but-growing Jaromir Jagr collection.  This is from the "update" portion of the 2013-14 Score set that was available via the Rookie Anthology release.  One day I hope to complete the entire base and update set for this release.  My buddy Douglas Corti recently sent me a huge stack towards that end, but I haven't had time to scan them in yet with the backlog of buybacks and other trade packages I've had of late.

2011-12 Parkhurst Champions Mark Messier Wire Photo - $.50

Love these wire photo cards, wasn't going to leave this memorable moment (at least for Rangers fans) behind for someone else to snatch up for two quarters.

2012 Topps Chrome X-Fractor Josh Beckett - $.42

Not much of an explanation for this one.  Red Sox card I didn't have.  Super shiny.  Under 50 cents.  Yep, that's about it.

2015-16 Upper Deck Malcolm Subban Young Guns RC - $1.25

Malcolm Subban was laughably bad in his two career appearances with the Boston Bruins, however he obviously never got much of a shot to play in his defense.  This year with the Golden Knights he's really shown that he's at the very least a suitable backup netminder.  I like this card because as someone who enjoys obscure names in team history it's nice to have a rookie card of a guy who'll likely finish his career with just two games played in a Bruins sweater.

2015 Upper Deck George Springer (Photo Variation) - $1.76

I'm a sucker for the photo variations from the flagship Topps baseball sets.  Picked this one up long before the 'Stros won it all last year, though now I like it even more.  Seems like a nice, celebratory way to end today's post, and besides we're now sitting at a running total of $20.09.

Hope you saw a card or two that tickled your fancy here, thanks as always for stopping by!


Brett Alan said...

Those 1970 Topps All-Stars are very nice indeed, and they have a little extra meaning for me, as the date on the bottom (issue date of the Sporting News) is the date my younger brother was born.

Mark Hoyle said...

The 54 bowman Williams is one of my prized possessions

Base Card Hero said...

Those 92-93 Fleer Ultra Buybacks are great-- I had completely forgot Upper Deck created those. I wish this would do that with their older Upper Deck hockey sets more often.

Hackenbush said...

Definitely saw more than a couple of great cards. I wish I could afford to buy copies everything I see. Love your the COMC Blaster posts.

Chris said...

Any Sox under 50 cents get a thumbs-up from me, especially the Rico all-star and Beckett. And that Jagr Score Update is a great card; I'm not even sure I have that one. Ultra buybacks are pricey but they're so sharp looking! And snagging that Springer was a winning move for sure!

Fuji said...

Okay. As soon as I'm done catching up on my reading (blog posts), I'm going to head over to COMC and build myself one of these blasters. Especially after what I pulled out of my Heritage blaster yesterday afternoon. Great stuff. I really love the look of 1993 Flair baseball.

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