Sunday, April 15, 2018

Buyback Franken-set: Brett Keeps Chipping Away

Let's return to the buyback franken-set after a few days away, shall we?  Another batch of ten today from the recent bubble mailer of buybacks I got from reader Brett.  Last time out Brett added three new numbers to the project, and strengthened up the dedicated 1990 Topps buyback binder some as well.  How will today's batch fare in comparison?  Let's find out!

1990 Topps #182 - Mookie Wilson

Gotta love a 1990 buyback in the pole position.  Mookie Wilson has always been a memorable card from this set for me, due to his classic pose on the dugout steps.  Will this one take up residence in the franken-set binder, or the '90 Topps one?

Well, Lee Lacy occupies slot 182 of the franken-set binder, so...

...easy enough to shuffle Wilson over to the '90 Topps set.

1988 Topps #533 - John Farrell

Nice, here we have former Red Sox manager John Farrell on his '88 release!  John, in just his mid-20s here, would make 30 starts for Cleveland in 1988, going 14-10.  Although 533 seems like a relatively safe, obscure number, Farrell actually gets pitted against a very solid buyback already in the binder in this slot:

Ah, the classic '75 Rudy Meoli card.  I know how this one's going to go.

Meoli survives another challenger!

1987 Topps #470 - Dave Dravecky

Here's lefty Dave Dravecky of the San Diego Padres.  Dave was a bright spot on a mediocre-at-best Padres team during most of the '80s, but was actually dealt away to the Giants midway through the '87 season.  His "multiple of ten" card number though is good enough to get him into the binder uncontested as my first #470 buyback!

1990 Topps #524 - Daryl Boston

Yet another 1990 Topps buyback from Brett, he really hooked me up good.  Boston was dealt to the Mets just a handful of games into the 1990 season, and went on to post a career-high 45 RBI with New York that year.  I wish I could've bolstered my 1990 Topps buyback set with this one, but as it stands it's my first #524 buyback so into the franken-set binder it goes...

1984 Topps #199 - Willie Hernandez

Next up, Willie Hernandez, who looks like he was plucked right out of the '70s and plopped onto this 1984 card with that mustache and 'fro.  Despite being depicted with the Phillies here, Hernandez actually spent the '84 season with the Tigers after being dealt there in March.  You know what's really awesome about this buyback though?  The fact that Willie won the Cy Young and MVP awards in 1984!  I bet at least one person who reads this post will be surprised by that.

I especially love buybacks that feature major award winners from the year in which they won the award, so I fully expect this Willie Hernandez (my first #199 buyback) to retain its spot in the binder for a long while to come!

2006 Topps #UH107 - Kevin Jarvis

As a lover of obscure cardboard this one's another gem.  Kevin Jarvis pitched for ten teams in his 12-year MLB career.  The last 4 appearances of that career (3 starts and one bullpen call) came with Boston in 2006, and now I have that 4-game stint immortalized in buyback form!

Being an "Updates & Highlights" card, this one's not eligible for the franken-set, but will be a cherished part of my Red Sox collection going forward.

1990 Topps #84 - Ray Searage

You thought we were done with 1990 Topps for today, didn't you?  Not quite, as we have Dodgers hurler Ray Searage...

 ...who faces Vince Colbert for a spot in the franken-set...

 ...and thus moves into the 1990 buyback binder...

1990 Topps #725 - Terry Pendleton

...and third baseman Terry Pendleton as well.  Terry missed a good deal of time with injury in 1990, so it wasn't his most impressive campaign...

...and besides I already have this Mario Soto holding down slot 725 in the franken-set.

So, another case where the '90 Topps buyback set binder gets a boost!

1978 Topps #711 - Cardell Camper/Dennis Lamp/Craig Mitchell/Roy Thomas

Don't have many of these multi-player RCs from 1978 Topps in buyback form, so this card is a nice change of pace.  Makes the binder by default too in the absence of any competition for spot 711.  Another nice card for fans of the obscure; Cardell Camper appeared in 3 career games, Craig Mitchell just 5.  Roy Thomas, and Dennis Lamp especially, had longer careers, but all four of them now call the franken-set binder home.

1989 Topps #750 - Bret Saberhagen

Last card for today, and it's another new number (and a "multiple of ten" number at that!) with star pitcher Bret Saberhagen on his 1989 Topps release.  An absolutely fantastic buyback to close out the post with, as 1989 was arguably Bret's finest season.  He led the league in innings pitched (262.1), ERA (2.16), wins (23), complete games (12), WHIP, strikeout-to-walk ratio, and a few other categories en route to his second American League Cy Young Award.  Yup, it's gonna be tough to bounce Saberhagen here with those kind of numbers backing this card.

What an amazing grouping today.  Five new numbers for the project, three new cards for the 1990 Topps buyback set, and a pair of Cy Young winners, both from the actual year in which they won the award.  Simply awesome!  The best part is that I have more buybacks from Brett yet to come!

Franken-set Progress:  586/792 (73%)
"Rejected" Buybacks:  492
Total Buybacks in Collection:  1,078


Hackenbush said...

Nothing controversial here. Growing up, there was a religious tv show on Sunday mornings called, "Lamp Unto My Feet". Ala, Chris Berman, Dennis Lamp Unto My feet.

Kin said...

That Dave Dravecky WILL BE MINE...!!!

I read his first couple of books that centered around losing his arm, and his faith, when I was in my teens. He's not someone I actively collect, but maybe I should. Or, at least get an autograph...


Fuji said...

Nice action shot on the 89T Saberhagen!

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