Sunday, March 31, 2019

Signature Sundays - Mike Modano!

It's been a while since I got in a Signature Sundays post, so let's squeeze one in on the last day of March here.  It's a pretty significant one too, my latest '92-93 Fleer Ultra buyback courtesy of Fleer Showcase!

You may remember that I was really penny-pinching at the beginning of the year when it came to my collection.  We had a (planned) reduction in household income that caused me to tighten my belt a bit.  Well, I was doing very well in January, having spent only $43.73 heading into the final days of the month.  Then this card popped up, and with just one click I spent more than I had the entire rest of the month.

I couldn't help myself though, what a fantastic autograph of arguably the most successful hockey player to hail from the United States.  I'm a bit obsessed with these Ultra buybacks that Upper Deck included in their Fleer Showcase product a couple of years back as it is, and on top of that I had never managed to acquire a Modano autograph for my hockey collection.  I've had a saved eBay search for these for a couple of years now and had never seen a Modano auto surface prior to this one, and with just 25 copies in existence who knows when I'd run into one again.

I love that Mike went big and bold with the autograph here, and placed it in a perfect spot on the card to really enhance its legibility.  Modano had an amazing career, and is probably the most popular Minnesota North Star/Dallas Stars player in franchise history.  He helped bring the franchise its first Stanley Cup, and was a perennial All-Star.  He still has the most career goals and most career points of any player born in the United States.  His 1,374 career points have him in the top 25 in the history of the league (though Crosby and Ovechkin may well bump him just outside that range within the next couple of seasons).

Of course I have to show the back.  As I've said many times before, this might be my favorite card back design ever created.  Simply awesome.

As is customary when I post one of these, here's the COA that corresponds to the card.

So, there you have it.  Easily one of my best purchases of 2019 so far.  I'm up to half a dozen of the autographed versions of these buybacks now, as Mike Modano joins Chris Chelios, Nick Lidstrom, Mark Messier, Jaromir Jagr and Teemu Selanne in my collection!

Coming up later this week I've got a couple of incoming trade packages that include some buybacks, some brand new Red Sox cards, and even an autograph.  Until then, thanks for stopping by as always!


Mark Hoyle said...

Great card Shane

Marc said...

Nice card! It's funny how seeing a card you've never seen and maybe never see again lets the purse stings fly. The comment is meant for all card collectors everywhere. We've all most likely done the same thing.

Fuji said...

Sweet card! Even though Modano played for the Stars and put up plenty of points against my beloved Sharks, I couldn't help but develop a deep respect for the guy and his career. I just wish he hadn't signed with the Red Wings. Wanted him to stay with the same franchise his entire career.

gregory said...

Wow, great card and great signature!

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