Thursday, February 12, 2009

Zistle Want/Trade Lists!

Recently I raved about a new web-site called Zistle, dedicated to creating the largest online library of sports cards out there, and at the same time providing some great tools for individuals to organize their collections. I've been totally addicted to this site for a couple of weeks now, and have been populating the hockey card library like it's my job.

Well, Ashley and Josh are hard at work on a daily basis, improving the site based on their original ideas as well as feedback from users. This is one of the greatest things about Zistle in my opinion, Ashley and Josh are collectors themselves and are really passionate about turning Zistle into a great online library and collecting community.

A couple of new features have been released over the past week or so, including the ability to indicate how many copies of a card you own. This is very handy, especially for trading purposes. Even better than this though is the ability to imbed your Zistle want and trade lists on your blog. You can check my Want and Trade lists to see how this looks. The great part about this is that by using these embedded lists on your blog, your trade and want lists become dynamic. Browsing through your collection on Zistle and come across some cards you'd like to part with? Just one click of the "Add to Tradelist" button and the card is instantly added to your Zistle tradelist, and your blog is automatically updated with no further effort on your part. Want to collect the entire 2009 Topps baseball set? Just one click adds the set as a whole to your want list. Every time you pick up a pack of 09 Topps or make a trade, simply add the cards to your Zistle collection and they are removed from your want list.

I'm already taking full advantage of this feature myself. In my last post I commented that I really seem to like Tony Esposito cards. I hopped on Zistle and added Tony Esposito as a player to my want list. Every Esposito card that's in the Zistle library that I don't already own (about 17 of them) was added to my list instantly. Best of all, if anyone adds new Esposito cards to the library going forward those will automatically be added to my want list as well. This is great stuff!

If you need any proof that Zistle is catching on with collectors, they just surpassed the 250,000 card mark in their library! I really encourage you to try it out if you haven't seen the site yet. If you're curious as to what's down the road for Zistle, they've put together a feature pipeline to lay out some of the features they hope to add going forward.

Finally, since for some reason I feel guilty creating a post without any picture in it whatsoever, here's one of my absolute favorite cards from my collection, a 1971 Topps card of the REAL home run king...


Chuck's Used Cards said...

I have saved up my comments - First, I have loved Tony Espo cards for a very long time - there are very few I don't like !

Secondly, Hank Aaron, in my book, is still the HR King.

Thirdly, thanks for turning me on to zizzle - Asley and Josh are great. I hope to see more additions.


Captain Canuck said...

I've been on zistle quite a bit, although every card I add, doesn't work ... i think it has something to do with the beta version....
but it is sweeet.

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