Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Awesome Package from Saints of the Cheap Seats

A couple of weeks ago I received an email and subsequent package from Dan at Saints of the Cheap Seats. He had more than 100 2008 Upper Deck cards that I needed and wanted to send them my way. Dan, this was extremely gracious of you, I can't thank you enough!

I'm really behind right now but I assure you I will be looking over your want lists and sending a return package your way. This package was most appreciated because 2008 Upper Deck is the one baseball set that I am focusing the most on trying to complete right now. Am I the only one who just isn't impressed with 2009 Topps baseball? I haven't had the urge to pick up so much as a single pack yet.

I obviously can't show all of the cards, so I've picked out 5 of my favorites:

#436 - Julio Lugo - I don't know what the Red Sox plan to do with this guy. He's got virtually no trade value. I thought they may try to dump his salary by packaging him with a prospect or two in a trade but nothing so far. I for one won't be disappointed to see him go.

#747 - Mike Lowell - I love this Season Highlight card depicting Mike with his World Series MVP trophy.

#96 - Miguel Montero - Looks like a definite out pictured on this card. One of hundreds of examples from this set proving that Topps can't hold a candle to Upper Deck when it comes to photography.

#169 - Austin Kearns - This shot of Austin signing for the fans looks like it could belong in a Collector's Choice set. I always appreciate the occassional card that shows a player doing something other than playing the game.

#229 - Manny Ramirez - This is easily one of my favorite photos from the entire set. I can think of very few baseball cards that capture a moment so well. The fans and Red Sox players have erupted from their seats, Manny's arms are extended up in the air, and the bat has yet to even hit the ground! Too bad Manny has been an awful, greedy prick this off-season. There, I said it. As a Red Sox fan I appreciate everything Manny did to help the team win in his time here, but as an individual he just seems like a total jerk.
Dan, thanks again for the awesome package! This knocks off a huge chunk of my want list and gets me much closer to completing the set. I'm really looking forward to participating in your group break, which will be my first one ever.

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