Friday, February 13, 2009

Sorry Jay Pandolfo

I work in IT as a Systems Admin for a law firm up here in New England, and Wednesday night I had to complete a SQL migration that went into the early hours of Thursday morning. This was up in our Boston office, so thanks to my employer's travel reimbursement policy I left work early and extremely tired on Thursday with about $50 cash in my pocket. Even though I was exhausted I called the only local hobby shop that I frequent on the off chance that they had gotten a shipment of 2008-09 Upper Deck series 2 hockey in. It was released officially on Tuesday but I hadn't run across any yet. It was my lucky day, as the owner had just received the product earlier that afternoon. I picked up 12 hobby packs to get started on my set. I've opened 9 so far, and my favorite card at this point is Scottie Hartnell's:

How's that for an action shot? Scott just delivered quite a blow to New Jersey's Jay Pandolfo. I think the shaft of his stick is actually connecting with Pandolfo's face, and if you notice Jay seems to be completely airborne with neither skate on the ice. Shots like this are why Upper Deck has the best looking base sets in my opinion (alright so they've got a monopoly on the hockey card market but this goes for baseball as well), at least since I started getting back into collecting. I just had to share this one!


Anonymous said...

A blogger besides myself making a Jay Pandolfo reference? Nice....even if the wrong guy is falling to the ice.

~a Devils fan

Chuck's Used Cards said...

Upper is known for their game action shots ... one like that are keepers.

I can see the future technology of 3 second replays on the 2020 Upper Deck hockey ...

Cards with sound ... CRASH !

Captain Canuck said...

a decleater!

(and to both of you guys... I'm just impressed that there's 2 non-Canadians making Jay Pandolfo references...)

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