Sunday, April 5, 2009

Budget Card Store Run - 1986 Topps Rack Pack #2

Here's the other 1986 Topps rack pack I picked up. Is it better than the first? My glossy all-star insert was Graig Nettles...
#1 - Pete Rose - Sadly, this will not be the only baseball star in this pack whose incredible career was tainted by a series of horrible decisions. Although in Pete's case, at least his horrible decisions came AFTER his career was over and didn't improve his career statistics in any way.

#180 - Don Mattingly

#233 - Steve Lyons - The first of two Red Sox cards I pulled. The second one was much better, I guess...

#280 - Tim Raines

#386 - Cecil Fielder - This is his rookie right? Nice.

#471 - Bobby Cox - I have to confess that I did not know that Bobby Cox spent time in the Blue Jays organization.

#597 - Sammy Stewart - I recalled reading about Stewart's struggles with drug addiction on Kevin's Orioles Card of the Day blog a while back as soon as I pulled this card. Sad story...

#600 - Dale Murphy

#630 - Fernando Valenzuela

#661 - Roger Clemens - Here's the card I've alluded to a couple of times already. I would've been excited to get this card 15 years ago...

#704 - Ozzie Smith All-Star - This might be my favorite card from either pack. It's not a good looking card by any means, I've just always liked Ozzie.

#716 - Rickey Henderson All-Star
I also pulled doubles of the Kent Tekulve and Rod Carew cards from my 1st pack, so I'm pretty sure this one takes it far and away. Grand total so far...$4.

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Flash said...

That turned out to be a really good pack.

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