Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Budget Card Store Run - 1991 Pinnacle Pack 2

Here's my other pack of 1991-92 Pinnacle. It brings the grand total to $5.

#60 - Christian Ruuttu
#52 - Tim Kerr - I already poked fun at Tim back here. Nice mustache...
#57 - Craig Janney
#220 - Al MacInnis - I wish the Flames would go back to using their late 80s/early 90s jerseys, even just as an alternate or something.
#215 - Craig MacTavish - Craig is the current coach of the Oilers, and is in some hot water at the moment. Rumor is he'll be out of a job if the Oilers miss the playoffs.

#218 - Greg Adams
#222 - Bob Sweeney - I'm starting to see a pattern here...

#230 - Alexei Gusarov
#225 - Charlie Huddy - OK, it's official. I think this may take the record for most caterpillar mustaches in one pack, no?
#402 - Brian Benning - Sidelines - Just like the sidelines card from my last pack, I really don't care what Brian Benning's hobby is. I see what they were going for here but I just don't think it works.
#387 - Patrick Roy - Rogatien Vachon - Idols - I like this card because of Vachon's killer mask. I just wish Patrick Roy wasn't in the way of the photo.
#372 - Kelly Miller - Good Guy - One of the dumbest subsets I can recall seeing. I guess Kelly is a "good guy" off the ice, so he gets an illustrated portrait card...
Not quite as good as the other pack, no rookies this time either.

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Powerforward said...

"Big" Bob Sweeney! That's the best design of all the Bruins jerseys over the years IMO.

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