Monday, March 29, 2010

Completed Set - 1990 Topps - Cards 200-299

Work was hectic towards the end of last week and the weekend wasn't much better, but I'm determined to keep this 1990 Topps set moving. I just finished scanning in cards 200 - 299, here are my favorites:

#200 - Don Mattingly - Not one of the finer star cards in the set in my opinion. Mattingly's 1990 season wasn't much better...

#210 - Ryne Sandberg - On the opposite end of the spectrum, Sandberg had an awesome 1990 season. He set career highs in home runs (40), RBI (100), and runs (116). Oh yeah, he also captured a Gold Glove and hit .306.

#214 - Terry Francona - I believe this is the final Topps player card for the current Red Sox manager. He would see action in just 3 games in 1990, his final season.

#220 - Barry Bonds - The first of two players I find completely obnoxious.

#224 - Delino DeShields - This particular card was always a favorite of mine.

#229 - David Wells - A very young Boomer...

#230 - Keith Hernandez - Kieth would play in just 43 games in 1990 before retiring. It was not for the Mets though, but rather the Indians.

#240 - Mark Grace - I think the positioning of this photo is perfect.

#245 - Roger Clemens - The second player that I find obnoxious.

#250 - Jose Canseco

#261 - Whitey Herzog - I always liked the manager cards.

#273 - Bobby Bonilla - Bobby looks pretty threatening here.

#278 - Pascual Perez - Once again we have an Expo with a mullet! I wonder how long this will keep up...

#283 - Albert "Joey" Belle - When I was younger, I was never sure whether Albert and Joey were one and the same.

#284 - Mark Gardner - Future Star - Mark stuck around in the majors for a few years, and has been a bullpen coach for the Giants for quite some time apparently.

#285 - Willie McGee - This is one of Willie's least funny cards. He had some great ones in the 80s.

#290 - Robin Yount - A smiling, helmetless Yount. I'm not a huge fan of hatless players on cards.

#294 - Craig McMurtry - I picked this one because Craig might honestly be the goofiest looking guy in this set.

#295 - Fred McGriff - The Crime Dog, looking pretty happy.

#296 - Jeff Ballard - We end with Jeff Ballard. I think it's safe to assume this is one player who was not on steroids in 1990.

Well, there you go. This is getting to be quite the project, but I'm going to keep pressing onwards. I hope to have cards 300 - 399 sorted and scanned by the end of the week!

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