Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pack Rip - 2011 Topps Opening Day

This one's gonna be short and sweet. Why did I bother with this? Three reasons I guess. First and foremost, it's something new to me and I was bored. In fact, come to think of it I'm pretty sure this is the first pack of Opening Day I've ever purchased from any year. Secondly, I can get behind just about any product that offers 24 cards for $3. Finally, I need something to occupy my attention and keep me from going into cardiac arrest between now and Wednesday night at 8 PM Eastern. Here are the 24 cards my pack netted me:

#84 - Brian Matusz

#64 - Miguel Tejada

#78 - Garrett Jones

#67 - Johnny Cueto

#11 - Jaime Garcia

#90 - Chase Utley

#98 - Angel Pagan

#21 - Martin Prado

#41 - Aubrey Huff

#209 - Shane Victorino

And now the inserts...

#TTOD-25 - Derek Jeter - ToppsTown


#SC1 - Jason Heyward - Superstar Celebrations

Canuck, you need either this one or the Prado base card?

#UL-4 - Alex Rodriguez - Stadium Lights

#PFP-6 - Woodrow Wilson - Presidential First Pitch

#M-6 - Gapper - Mascots

These inserts are actually pretty cool in my opinion. I'll be hanging onto this one.

#165 - Carlos Zambrano

#157 - Adam Lind

#162 - Gordon Beckham

#192 - Dustin Pedroia


#182 - Troy Tulowitzki

#171 - Yovani Gallardo

#114 - Ervin Santana

#217 - Andy Pettitte

#197 - Kelly Johnson

Admittedly not the world's most exciting pack, but for $3 how can I complain? For now, I'm hanging onto the mascot insert and the Pedroia, everything else has been added to my tradelist on Zistle.

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