Sunday, June 19, 2011

Traffic from Craigslist

I thought this was pretty comical and worthy of a post. First, let me lay some groundwork.

A couple of years ago I wrote a post about 1991 Ultimate Hockey, where I argued that it's possibly one of the worst hockey sets ever produced. The post generated some interesting comments, I learned a bit about the Smokey's card shop that's featured on all the jerseys that the players wore for the set. I even deflated one reader, who was given a set by a neighbor, thought he had struck gold, and then stumbled upon my post on the web while researching. Anyway, onto the point of this post...

I never check the "stats" for my blog, but the other day I took a look at what the feature offers. One of the things I found interesting was traffic sources, the ability to see how readers located your blog. When I happened to look at mine I noticed I had some people being directed here from Craigslist. Of course I checked it out. The readers were being directed from the following listing:

Since I know the listing will disappear I took a couple of screen shots. It's your typical junk wax lot:

Here's the funny part though, and the reason I've been getting traffic from this post:

In case you can't make that out it reads:

"Also, a 36 pack factory sealed box of 1991 Ultimate Hockey Cards (this set is extremely rare -- and for good reason--most collectors consider this 90 card set to be one of the most unusual ever produced for any sport - go to to see why"

So, this guy claims that 1991 Ultimate is one of the most rare and unusual sets ever produced, yet links to my post where I referred to it as "one of the most terrible hockey card sets I own", wrote that "nobody bought this awful set anyway", commented that their staff must've been composed of "barely literate 2nd graders", and closed out by saying that "there's a whole lot of crap packed into this small, 90 card set". I mean even the URL for the article ends with /1991-ultimate-worst-hockey-set-ever.html.

May want to rethink your sales tactics buddy...

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dogfacedgremlin said...

That is just plain awesome!!

as a side note...I went to Smokey's a couple times when I lived in Vegas. If you like overpriced commons, that was the best store there was.

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