Friday, December 16, 2011

2011 Top 20 Under $25 - #12 - A Couple More Lineage Autos

Continuing on with the list, today's post actually contains two different cards from the 2011 Topps Lineage set. I stayed away from this one, mainly due to the atrocious backs. I didn't buy so much as a single pack, but there were a couple of things that intrigued me about the set. More than anything I was interested in the 1952 Topps Reprint Autos, as there were 5 Red Sox on the checklist. I posted the first two, Don Lenhardt and Ike Delock, when they arrived in the mail a few months ago. I ended up purchasing two more around the same time, but never got around to posting them until now:

What is it? A 2011 Topps Lineage Dick Gernert 1952 Reprint Auto.
When and where did I get it? eBay, just as the playoff races started heating up in August.
How much did it cost me? $12.01 (plus $3.00 shipping).

Gernert was a mainstay on the Red Sox from 1952 through the end of the decade before being dealt to the Cubs after the 1959 season. He'd go on to play for the Tigers, Reds and Colt .45's before retiring. Given that this is a rare high-series card in the 1952 set, it's unlikely that I'll ever own an authentic copy of this card, but this isn't a bad substitute at all.

What is it? A 2011 Topps Lineage Ted Lepcio 1952 Reprint Auto.
When and where did I get it? eBay, same day as the Gernert card above.
How much did it cost me? $10.45 (plus $2.25 shipping).

This Ted Lepcio was the card I wanted most out of the four that I've shown so far. It's the only horizontal card, and I've always like the photograph with bleachers in the background. Like the Gernert card, this is a high series short print in the 1952 set, so unless I feel like shelling out some cash I'll likely never end up with the original.

The auction that I won was actually for a redemption card, and I was a bit skeptical since I don't have much experience with these. I entered the code on Topps' web site and just a couple of weeks later the card was in my mailbox. No complaints there. I guess if you count shipping the total for both cards came to just a hair over $25, but close enough!

This brings me to four out of the five 1952 Topps Red Sox autos from this set. The only one I'm missing at this point is Johnny Pesky. I'm pretty sure his autograph is short printed compared to some of the others, as I've only seen a couple of them ever hit eBay, both going for more than I was comfortable paying. Maybe someday...but for now I'll enjoy the four I do have.

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