Friday, February 4, 2011

New to the Shoebox - 1966 Topps NL Pitching Leaders

Here's the second to last single I picked up last time at the shop, we're back to baseball now:

1966 Topps - #223 - NL Pitching Leaders

That is one nice League Leaders card! Thanks to the dollar box at this shop I've accumulated quite a few 1966 Topps cards. It's not my favorite set of the decade, but it's still better than buying packs of crap I won't care about in 2 months. This one obviously didn't come from the dollar box, but in the shape it's in I was happy to fork over an Abe for it.

More importantly, this fills a pretty large hole in my collection. While I have many vintage baseball cards, I had neither a Koufax nor a Drysdale prior to picking this one up.

I find it comical just how many players they list on the back of the leaders card. Sure, you needed 23 wins to get your mug shot on the front, but a mere 7 is enough for mention on the reverse side.


night owl said...

Oooh. I need to get that one.

Captain Canuck said...

Holy crap! a 1966 Tony Clonninger! Sweet!

Hackenbush said...

Nice card. Pitching wins ballgames. My Cubs were way down at 14 wins but the Mets winningest pitcher had 8. I know, 1969 is coming.

thosebackpages said...

i love those '60s League Leader Cards with multiple HOFers featured!

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