Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Dollar at the Dime Box - Mansfield Show - Pt 5

As usual I have a ton of great new cards and post ideas, but no time to get to any of it. I feel like I need to finish a couple of things first here (like catch up on trade/thank you posts) before I move on to anything new.  To that end, here's the 5th and final post featuring the cards I plucked from a dime box at a recent show...

Surprise, surprise, there are more Red Sox in this post.  I was fairly certain that I didn't have this Mo Vaughn card, and after getting home and looking around further I'm still just fairly certain.  What else can I say, I have a lot of organizing still do to when it comes to my Red Sox cards...

Here's another Fleer Ultra Ken Griffey Jr.  I showed the '93 version in an earlier post and just had to take the '92 as well.  What a great baseball card, but I'm biased given that I would have been just 9 years old the first time I laid eyes on it.

Here's a Bowman Chrome rookie of pitcher Kyle Weiland.  I don't recall where he ended up in the long run, and I'm too lazy and short on time to look it up right now.  I do have some memories of him pitching at least one or two solid games for the Sox though, including one in Yankee Stadium I believe.

I thought this Upper Deck Retrospectives insert of Rick Nash was interesting.  Doesn't really fit into my collection but maybe it will end up in a trade package someday.

This might have been my steal of the show.  These yellow parallels from 2009-10 Upper Deck Champ's fall at just one per box, the toughest pull of the colored parallels.  I've been pumped to find a couple in dollar boxes before, but to find one for a dime is unheard of.  On top of that Vanek has been tearing it up, in fact he's your current NHL leader in both assists and total points as of the time of this post.  Not too shabby!

Another Sergei Fedorov, no explanation needed here.  I'm up into the triple digits now for Fedorov cards but did not have this one.

Here's another one that doesn't really fit into my collection per se, but was just too cool to leave behind for ten cents.  I highly doubt we'll ever see a two-sport star again, so I sort of gravitate towards Sanders and Bo Jackson, the two-sport stars of my youth.

An Allen & Ginter card that I needed, and a chance to add a new Negro League player to my collection who wasn't represented on cardboard in my shoebox previously.  That's a win/win.

After buying my cards I truly thought that I already had this Eddie Mathews, as I busted a decent amount of 2008 Goudey retail packs.  Looks like I was wrong though, I didn't have Eddie.  Like the Rick Nash, this could end up getting mailed out someday.

Finally, we have a 1994 Bowman's Best Blue Jose Malave.  Not the most exciting card to end on, I know.  Jose played just 45 games over 2 seasons in Boston (1996 and 1997).  That would be the extent of his Major League career.

So there you have it, 50 cards for $5.  I doubt you could get much more value out of $5 anywhere in the hobby.  I think I need to hit up this show more often!

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Michael Chase said...

I'm very biased towards the Vaughn and Griffey as well! But you already knew that. Great finds : )

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