Wednesday, February 10, 2016

One Card Post - Museum Collection Bubble

What:  1995 Pinnacle #128 - Ken Griffey Jr. - Museum Collection Parallel
Where:  eBay
How Much?:  $4.99 (plus $1.95 shipipng)

:  Why not?  I've always considered this one of the more recognizable cards of the '90s.  I've wanted a copy of the Museum Collection parallel for a long time now, so when one popped up for $5 at the tail end of last year I jumped.  While I don't collect Junior specifically, I love picking up cheap to mid-range cards like this one of the latest HOFer.  Classic.


Hackenbush said...

Can't argue. Fun card of one of the greats of our time.

Fuji said...

Definitely an iconic card. Great eBay purchase!

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