Tuesday, February 16, 2016

One Card Post - A Nice Hockey Pull

What:  2013-14 Upper Deck #C91 - Ryan Spooner Young Guns Canvas RC
Where:  Pulled from a pack (retail tin from Dave & Adam's Card World)
How Much?:  Tin was $15.95 and had 12 packs, so each pack was around $1.33

:  For a guy like myself who doesn't buy a whole lot of unopened wax, this was a pretty cool pull.  I'm a full-fledged fan of the Canvas inserts from Upper Deck, and the Young Guns seem to be particularly tough pulls (in fact this is the only one I've ever pulled myself to date).  To land one of a Boston Bruin was the icing on the cake.  I like it even more now that Spooner has become a regular with the B's.  In fact, he's tied for the team lead in games played this season (56 of the team's 57 games)!


Tim B. said...

Great pull, congrats!

John Miller said...

I just got a whole lot of Hockey cards (I don't collect them), years range from 70s-2011.
I see you have a Whalers collection, and maybe a Bruins fan???? How'd you like to do a blind trade (johnnys trading spot) I can send you some of those teams and you can send some baseball my way. lmk..... jfmjr1 at aol dot com

Dave H said...

Very nice!! He could turn out to be a pretty solid top 6 forward too!

Marc said...

Sweet pull. Liking Spooner more and more. You've been on a tear pulling those Young Guns. Keep it up.

Hackenbush said...

A nice pull and from your team? Win!

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