Sunday, February 28, 2016

Signature Sundays - Bobby Doerr

A really quick post for Signature Sundays this week.  Between an insane work week and then a great weekend spent with friends and family there's been little time for cards.  I did have this awesome Bobby Doerr autograph queued up to go though.  Besides, with temperatures near 60 today, and a similar forecast for tomorrow, it's really starting to feel like time for baseball here in New England.

I picked this card up at my local hobby shop many moons ago.  I know Doerr is one of those guys who has signed an insane amount of items in his long lifetime, but he was a name that was missing from my autograph collection prior to this.  As one of the all-time great Red Sox players I'm glad I've finally got him covered now.  This beautiful, on-card signature from 2003 Topps Gallery was too good to pass up, especially with a price tag under $10.

If Wikipedia is to be believed, which seems reasonable to me in this case, Bobby is the last living player who played Major League Baseball in the 1930s.  It's just so awesome to me that a 9x All-Star that first took the field in 1937 held and signed this very card.


Chris said...

Regardless of how many he has signed, it is still a great grab for the price for a deserving HOFer/ Considering the prices being paid for countless Bowman autos of players that will never have half the career of Doerr you got a steal. (Much like your Kaline, too.)

Mark Hoyle said...

Nice looking card. I continually grab Doerr autos

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