Thursday, July 7, 2016

Just One Bryce, Please

While I still primarily focus on Red Sox cards of any age, shape or size, the fact is I'm way too scattered and random in what I enjoy in this hobby to stop there.  Sometimes it's a shiny set that catches my eye, other times a player who is significant enough that I feel the need to add them to my collection.  In the case of today's card, it was a combination of both:

This reflective beauty is Bryce Harper's "Bubble Refractor" parallel from 2014 Bowman Chrome.  I've really come to love these.  They look incredible in hand and don't scan too badly either, and with a print run of just 99 copies each they're just rare enough to feel significant.  If you happen to collect a player who was featured in the '14 Bowman Chrome set I'd highly recommend seeking one out.

While I'm not a Bryce Harper fan per se, I don't think you can dispute that he's already left a significant mark on the game even at his early age.  The guy's 23 years old and he's already been named NL Rookie of the Year and NL MVP among other awards, has already hit 115 career home runs, and was just named an All-Star for the fourth time.  Not sure what you were doing at age 23, but those are some impressive accolades.

Bryce is among that top tier of young talent that seems to demand top dollar in our hobby, so I don't really envision picking up any more of his cards going forward, but I'm happy that I at least got this one for a steal!


Fuji said...

Beautiful card. At 23, I was still in college... occasionally buying packs of basketball cards and eating lots of Top Ramen, popcorn, and canned peaches.

Mark Kaz said...

Even though I contend that Bryce is a major toolbox, I also admit that I collect his cards when I can find 'em cheap. And that's quite an impressive card you got there!

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